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me and my sewing

March 24, 2010

So I am trying going to sew a dress for my daughter for Easter.  It’s cute, it’s got a collar and sleeves and pockets and I chose a really adorable and expensive fabric because nothing is too good for my girl.  Well except for properly sewn dress that is.  I now have a front and a back done but I’m a bit stumped on what the next few steps mean on the pattern.  I’m going to bring it over to Rob’s tomorrow who has a bit more experience hoping she can shed some light for me.  For now though…

Here’s the back of the dress…I just discovered in the instructions a zipper goes up there!!!  I have some small recollections about zippers from my class but it’s a lot more intimidating now that I actually have to put on in!

Easy to sew?  Sure.  Easy to understand the instructions?  Uh, no.

Now I’ll admit, I did have to google what a ‘yolk’ was so my sewing terminology isn’t great.  But c’mon maybe at least make the pictures a bit more descriptive?  Please?  Anyone out there have any good suggestions for a good beginner sewing book?

Cake and I also tried our hands at making some string eggs.  Cake is not a get dirty kind of girl.  She doesn’t enjoy finger painting, she wears an apron while we bake; she will even pass a muddy puddle in favour of a clear water puddle for jumping.  I don’t know why I thought she’d enjoy getting her hands in the glue mixture and slopping it all over the balloon.  She put the string in and then refused to touch it.  I got her a spoon, but it didn’t help.  She looked up at me and said ‘Mommy, I think you should do it.’  She hopped down from her chair in the kitchen grabbed a colouring book and went to town.  So, I rushed my way through the 2 eggs out of the 4 I planned and moved on.  I should really keep this in mind when I want to do paper mache with her.

Oh well, not all crafts can be a hit!

I’m going to sew buttons now.



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