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I’m ready to say goodbye

March 26, 2010

There is a part of me that I’ve been holding on to for some time now.  She has been in my life for…oh, about 12-13 years now, we’ve been on so many adventures: up mountains, dangling into quarry’s, but also in the comfort of my own home, capturing the last good memories I have with my Grandpa, and so so much more.  This good and dear friend is my SLR camera.

As our lives increasingly turn to digital my first heavy duty camera has gotten put on the backburner.  In fact I even estimate that it has been 4 years since I have picked it up and played around.  That is entirely due to the lovely dslr my hubby gave to me the Christmas before Cake was born.  I so enjoy my dslr it enables me to really learn, to immerse myself into something I know nothing about: technology.  I’m sure S. Geek is cringing and shaking his head as he reads this but its true, technology really confuses me.  Anywho, back on topic, I’m selling my slr camera.  It pains me because we’ve been through a lot, but I’m hoping that it will have a new life in the hands of someone new, someone who is discovering a dark room for the first time.  I can almost smell the developer solution in the air…opening a new bag of photopaper in the dark…shimmying my undeveloped film onto a wheel and getting it right the first time…oh the memories!  I’m going to miss it, I really am BUT the sale of this camera will enable me to get something that I’ve wanted for awhile.  A brand new external flash!!!  I can’t wait, I’m almost jumping for joy at the thought of all I could do!!!  For now though, I’m making due with the lovely spring daylight and when needed the built in flash on the dslr.

Here’s a few case in point:

No flash, warm but not sharp

with flash, harsh, shadows…not pretty at all

Oh, and this delicious specimen?  Yes he’s quite something isn’t he?  And he’s half of a pair!!!  Two little yummy nummies!!!!

Will (pictured above) and his twin bro Cam who is a HAM!!!  This kid is infectious, his laugh is hilarious and at 20 months easily keeps up with 3 year old Cake.  I love these little boys as much as my own littles; curly hair, deep brown eyes, how could you not???

I think tomorrow some sort of food is in order.  S. Geek came home from Kansas early so I think he deserves something scrumptious.



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  1. March 26, 2010 1:14 pm

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    Please check out my blog and follow me back?
    cheers !

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