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March 29, 2010

For as long as I can remember silhouettes were one of my favourite subject matters when it came to actually photographing people.  During my college days my photography teachers got a bit sick of my obsession and my portfolio was even heavily weighted with blacked out individuals or trees or whatever!  So beyond my college projects my love of silhouettes has yet to make an appearance in my own home!  So after mysteriously finding myself with a free block of time (?!?!) this afternoon I’ve managed to make some super adorable little silhouettes of my fav models!

I started out by painting my 6X5 wood plaques from Michaels.

Print your photos onto cardstock and trim around all the edges and shadows.

And then paint them black!  Mine took about 6 coats to get a really opaque finish.

Using a hot glue gun, adhere a length of ribbon to the back of your board.

Next use my fav. crafting accessory: MOD PODGE!!!  Adhere the silhouette to the wood and then put a thin layer over the entire thing.  When you are putting the silhouette on do it slowly and carefully because it WILL bubble.


I didn’t really intend for this, but don’t you think they look like ipod ads?  Anyway, I think they are super adorable even thought they both bubbled hanging from my mantle or hanging on the stairwell wall to our playroom in the basement.

Just having the time during the day to do a craft was so weird for me and it seems like this whole weekend has been nothing but reminders that my kids are growing up and are just not babies anymore.  We had some friends over for dinner on Saturday night and wonderful Margaret is about 4 months pregnant, we talked the whole night about babies, breastfeeding, and being pregnant.  It was wonderful to be able to feel those feelings again, the pregnancy excitement mixed with feeling of anxiousness.  Sunday morning we brought the kids to gymnastics class, Cake did her first solo class and didn’t even look twice at me.  And Nay!  Oh BOY!!!  When we first joined this gymnastics gym Nay was 3 weeks old and tucked into my sling totally oblivious to the world.  Today he was jumping and running and climbing with all the kids.  When it was his turn for the rings and he strongly proclaimed ‘NO NAAAAAAY NAAAY DO IT’ I just about fell over!  Where did my little baby go?  Why was he willing to get a few feet away from me when this had never happened before?  Oh, that’s right…he’s a toddler now and he is ready to start exploring his world away from me.  So all that plus the block in the afternoon has really left me with a widening void.  What about you, how did you know if you were done having children or not?  Was it an easy decision?

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