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Easter Long Weekend

April 5, 2010

Well, wasn’t this an AMAZING treat!  The weather again has been totally inspiring, think highs of 29 degrees with a light breeze!  We enjoyed every moment of it.  S. Geek was off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and we had a great weekend spent mostly out of doors; with the exception of a bit of time in the kitchen for me!  That’s okay though because I’m pretty OK with telling you that I have a few phobias when it comes to the kitchen.  And after this Easter dinner I am proud to say I have mastered BOTH of them!  Now some of you will scoff at what I’m going to tell you and will gasp and say that you’d never believe that of ALL things I couldn’t do it would be these but it’s true.  My two failing ‘dishes’ were pies and pan gravy.  Let me tell you, my gravy was greasy or floury, or just plain tasteless.  My pie shells were crumbly and weak and BAD!  Well I’ve been working on my pie shells for a few months and have mastered a beautiful shell (thanks Martha!) BUT I totally refused to try gravy after so many failed attempts.  I would always make my Mom do it or I’d do a package gravy but this time S. Geek gave me a gentle nudge to try the gravy on my own.  And guess what?  It totally worked!!!  It was perfect and tasty and S. Geek and Uncle Got said it was great!  Now I’m hoping they weren’t lying as I actually don’t like gravy and thinks it all tastes bad but they had an entire gravy boat full between the two of them (Nay did have about a tablespoon which he ate with a spoon.)  So this Easter is going down in the record books, so happy and pleased with myself.  I hope you all had as great of a long weekend as I did.  Here are some photos of my weekend a bit of this and a bit of that:

Finally using my outdoor clothes line just in time to brighten up those dingy diapers!

Easter festivities at Canada’s agriculture museum


Sand table and some great sharing between Cake and Nay.

Dying easter eggs!  What an ordeal that was, poor Nay wanted to play in the coloured water SO BADLY!!  I thought that I could get away with just giving him some stickers but, no.  Saturday was a cranky day for him.  I have those days too sometimes Nay, they’re hard, eh?


More pie!

The kiddos and I taking 5.  That’s my FAV apron, I got it in Freisland, Netherlands in 2006.  It’s a bit faded but still I love it.  If I ever get back to Holland I’m going to fabric shops specifically for this fabric!

The men consulting the BBQ.  We did our turkey on the BBQ this year and it was so moist and delicious.  BUT…we were in such a rush to get ourselves the kids fed I didn’t take a picture!

The light is fading…but we snuck in some Candyland, and of course…

A couple of good reads before bed.

You should really thank me, because I pared down the pics from my original selection!  Unfortunately there is rain scheduled all week so our little play park in the backyard will be lonely for us I think.  But on the bright side it will give me time to get organized and maybe a bit of spring cleaning done!



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