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Karma, baby

April 7, 2010

I tell ya, this is so NOT the post I had planned today but I just have to get something off my chest: sometimes being a part of the ‘MOMMY’ community is like being the uncool kid in 10th grade.  I read this today and while the post itself didn’t seem particularly monumental a large number of the commenter’s felt the need to personally attack the writer.  Saying things like she and her husband were spoiled and privileged because of what?…They had a *gasp* nanny and a *cowering* housekeeper!!!  They insinuated that the writer was less of a mother than they were simply because they did it without help.  What I don’t seem to understand is why these women felt the need to personally attack another mother just because she chose a different way.  It’s not like her kids were in danger or the road she was leading them down was going to be a harmful one, she was simply getting some outside help.  Whatever happened to the old adage about a community raising a child?  Whatever happened to women uniting together against the real issues that keep us as a gender down?  Why is it that while we shake our heads at the 13 year old ‘mean girls’ the media spotlights but it’s okay to be anonymous mean mommies out there behind our friends and neighbours and fellow bloggers backs?  I don’t understand when it became OK to behave this way, and it makes me angry.  I know that gossip is out there, I know there’s gossip about me out there but the truth of the matter is this: when you spread this kind of negativity around, you’re only spreading it around yourself.  So let’s all end the cluck-fest and go about enjoying our families and community!

So with all that icky-ness out of my system I’m going to go and enjoy the rest of my night.  Lots to do, but stay tuned for upcoming posts about domesticity and how I make it work for me 🙂  Repeat after me: I’m a great Mom and that’s okay!



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