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guess who this is??

April 12, 2010

Maybe I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today because my little girlie girl is feeling green today.  She’s been giving lots of cuddles to S. Geek and I, which if not for the fact that she’s been throwing up it’d be kind of nice!  I stumbled upon this little photo of her at about 2 and a half months while looking for some files and couldn’t resist.  Isn’t she chubbalicious?  What a little baldy she is too eh?  I’m still waiting for her to have the thick mane of hair that I have always had but since she’s three now and still has thin wispy locks I’ve stopped holding my breath.

We’re going to be having a busy week here so posts might be sporadic, lots of fun planned though.  Hopefully Cake will be feeling better tomorrow *fingers crossed!



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