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Maryland part 2

April 25, 2010

Here’s part two of our trip to MD (only one more after this I promise,) even though there was significant amounts of sickness going on while we were there, there was still lots of fun to be had.

Here at the Catoctin zoo, Nay fell in love with the little lemurs and kept trying to make a break for it so he could go back and watch them some more.

Cake was still feeling a bit off on this day so she wasn’t her usual self but still had a pretty decent time.  I mostly want to show off the incredibly adorable shirt she’s wearing.  It’s one of my favs, it says: ‘self rescuing princess’.  We’re not big gamers in this house but I do happen to have grown up with two gamers and can appreciate some adorable gamer reference every now and then.  If you love it, check it out on of my go-to websites for geek apparel and accessories: thinkgeek!

There was of course some park action, most of the pics I got during park visits were  of the back of the kids heads so this is an ‘almost decent’ shot.  Also as soon as Cake spied some other little girls to play with she totally abandoned the family until we had to drag her home kicking and screaming.

There was some serious love for S. Geek as he spent the first week of our trip in Denver and not Maryland.

Nay decided that sippy cups are for suckers and now prefers either water bottles or open cups.  (I think in the last 3 days we have poured at least a litre of milk on the floor)

Nay also decided that wherever Nana was, was the place to be for him.  He tore up her tulips, drew all over her newspaper and backwashed into every drink she had.  Love for Nana!

I did a bit of work on Cake’s Easter dress on my Mom’s 30 year old machine.  It wasn’t nearly as convenient as the one I have at home…weird knobby things…and the bobbin…don’t even get me started on the bobbin.

There was also a day trip to Baltimore.  We really wanted to get to Washington too but just couldn’t make it work.  It’s an hour subway ride to Washington and the kids just aren’t ready to be patient for that kind of time.  We did enjoy Baltimore though, some sightseeing, and a great stop into a children’s play place called Port Discovery.

All of the excitement and fun in Baltimore resulted in this:

Oh, and this:

Seriously Baltimore: YOU NEED MORE COFFEE SHOPS!!!  We had to drive all the way to Ellicot City to find a starbucks.  It was awful, caffeine levels got DANGEROUSLY low.

We have been slowly settling back into our home routine, I haven’t been trying to push too hard but I did spend a ‘mommy time out’ on the floor of my closet doing deep breathing exercises and chanting (no seriously, I did) so I hope the kids adjust soon.



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