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2010 Perth Maple Festival

April 30, 2010

Every year, friends and I drive out to the prettiest town in Ontario for the Perth Maple Festival.  I can’t remember exactly what year we started going but it was somewhere in and around the time I got married or about 7 years ago.  All of us single people drove out, shopped the wares, went to the wine tasting, enjoyed lunch at a restaurant and drank beer.  Rain or shine we always managed to go, some years others joined us but it was always the same group of 4: S. Geek and I, + bff Rob and her hubby.  Over the years the festival itself has stayed mostly the same but the things we get out of it have been drastically different.  In the past we enjoy a leisurely lunch including alcohol or  stopping so we could peruse over a table of handmade soup bowls.  Fast forward to this past weekend and our group of carefree singles has turned into a group of mommy’s and daddy’s and a whole lot of children.  Children who do not appreciate handmade knitted tuques, who are not willing to wait for 45 minutes to be served a pint, and who certainly can’t stay past the beginning of naptime.  That being said every year since Cake was born I have enjoyed the maple fest even more than the previous year.  She started out as totally oblivious, to fearing the horses last year, to absolutely enjoying every minute of our day trip this year.  It’s also so amazing to put into perspective the differences between Cake and Nay.  Last year, Cake was TERRIFIED of the pony ride, she clung to me and didn’t even make it once round the circuit.  So, knowing this I bought Cake a ticket but not Nay and he spent the entire time watching Cake on her pony begging S. Geek to let him sit on the pony.  I was so surprised but delighted that he wanted to have a ride too, I was skeptical though since I foresaw that he would sit on the pony but then as soon as it moved, would want to get off and run for it!  I was wrong though, he did his three circuits and was ready for more, luckily there were lots of other things to keep him occupied away from the horses.

We had a lovely walk, a picnic by the river, and did very short perusal of some of the tables.  I ALWAYS get a bottle of lanark maple mustard from the Perth Pestle and Pepper company table.  Even though I normally like hot and tangy mustards I just cannot resist the maple mustard from this company.  I did also plan on getting some maple butter but decided instead that I may try and make some instead.  S. Geek scoured the stands for his maple cotton candy, which I could do without but that he LOVES!  I drooled over the tupperware table and seriously considered buying a sweet set of cheery cherry cups but it was just a little to pricey for me to justify.  Oh well 🙂

Enjoy the view and mark your calendar for the Perth Garlic Festival August 14 and 15!

don't look at my hair here, I was having one of those awful hair days when only a ponytail would do.

That is Cake and her best friend Noah, she drags him around everywhere and he just does what she says.  I think maybe she’s got a bit of her mommy in her when it comes to the ‘boy’ department.  Ha!  Sorry S. Geek but don’t worry, it’s a good thing!



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