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Mothers day is coming. S. Geek….MOTHERS DAY IS COMING!

April 30, 2010


So Mothers Day is coming (hmm should I cap that?)  anyway let’s just say that you needed to get your wife something for being the best mother ever, I just so happened to come up with the PERFECT list so you don’t even have to scour the internet or hallmark stores you can just refer to the list below:

1.  A copy of Martha Stewart’s new craft encyclopedia, or for that matter a subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine!

2.  A beautiful tree of life necklace.

3.  Or maybe a beautiful necklace like this one!

4.  Or keeping on the jewelery: a Welsh love spoon necklace

5.  Now I’m not saying that jewelery is the only way to go either.  There is always getting a bouquet of one of my fav flowers: Gardenia

6.  Or a framed print of this:

7.  BUT, if you really want to go for a WOW factor every Mom out there deserves a Canon speedlight 430 EX ii flash.

So I know that my own husband will not need this list AT ALL so feel free guys to pick something gorgeous for your sig other and make her feel appreciated for everything she does as a mother.  I’m just saying…no pressure…



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  1. hotelqueen permalink
    April 30, 2010 12:52 pm

    For sure every mother needs a speedlite!!

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