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Menu Planning Monday!

May 10, 2010

So after the fun was cleaned up I got to work on the menu for this week.  S. Geek is gone for a few days to Waterloo which means that the prep time for my dinners has to be a little quicker since the little will be underfoot.

Monday: BBQ Hamburgers with a prepped salad from the grocery store

Tuesday: Chicken and Spinach pasta (very similar to what we had last week but I still have about 6 c. left of fresh spinach)

Wednesday: Grilled chicken caesar salad

Thursday: Meatloaf with grilled asparagus and rice

Friday: Kids are having make your own pizza and S. Geek and I will be having date night 😉

Saturday: Ribs, Potatoes and grilled veggies (carried over from last week since we had polish sausage instead of ribs)

Sunday: BBQ roast beef with lime, summer salad and if we have any potatoes left baked potato!

I’ve been craving carrot cake so this week our dessert is going to be some sort of carrot muffin with cream cheese icing.  I’ll look at my cookbooks to find a good recipe and report back later!

I’ve linked to the organizing junkie who hosts a menu planning mclinky every Monday, if you’re in need of some inspiration go check her out!

The sun is finally out of here so I’m off to go and enjoy a bit with the kids.

Happy Monday!

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