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My Amazing Mother’s Day

May 10, 2010

What a day we had today, S. Geek REALLY outdid himself without making too much of a too-do since he knows that isn’t my style.  I’m going to go on bragging for a bit so please bear with me here!

Sunday is gymnastics day, and today was no different.  Cake and Nay’s class starts at 9am so Sunday is an early day for us to be out the door.  Usually we get up get everyone dressed, fed and out the door with little time to spare.  This morning though, S. Geek snuck out of bed early to get himself ready and breakfast started, he got Cake up and dressed by himself and without waking me.  He then brought in Nay to have his ‘mummy milk’ and when I had finished with him, S. Geek and Cake surprised me with a SUPER adorable birdhouse they had painted together for us to hang up in the tree outside!

S. Geek then whisked Nay away to get him dressed so I could have a solitary shower and enjoy the steamy quiet.  After a wonderful breakfast, S. Geek and I took the the kids to their class where I got to sit in the parents room and enjoy my coffee even though it was my turn to take Nay in his class.  Afterwards, we packed up to head out to do our visiting.

My Nana’s grave to drop off some flowers.

To S. Geek’s parents house to say happy Mother’s day to Grandma.

Then to my FAV lunch location!  This is the Little Euro Deli on Kanata ave. in Kanata (go figure!)

They absolutely have the best sandwiches in Ottawa.  The owner is Polish and her products are simply the best, you all know I’m a Dutch girl at heart but I’m sorry Dutch Grocer, your sandwiches just don’t compare!  Just look at this, I don’t think the picture does it justice so go check it out!

Anywho 🙂 After lunch we drove home and while Nay had his nap I worked a bit on Cake’s Easter dress and am so close to finishing it I’m almost salivating!  I’ve only got a few hems to do and one more sleeve which is already pinned and ruffled I just have to baste and then sew it.  So close!

uh, just ignore my hair here...and I most certainly did NOT go out like this all day.

Afterwards S. Geek made us a wonderful dinner and then it was time to start getting the kids settled into our regular night time routine.  Thanks so much S. Geek for making my Mother’s Day better than I could imagine.  I guess I better get started on my Father’s Day planning eh?  Love ya!

Love this guy!

Since I was so busy being pampered all day, I didn’t get around to doing my menu planning for next week so that’s the first thing on the agenda tomorrow morning.



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