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Celebrating Our Roots

May 14, 2010

The kids loved our last geography project so much that with The Netherlands celebrating Liberation Day on May 5 I thought it was the perfect time to do a Netherlands project!  My own grandparents lived in the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation and though I’ve never heard them speak about it I’ve read enough and saw enough to know why they don’t want to talk about it.  When S. Geek and I vacationed in Holland several years ago our hotel in Amsterdam was just one canal over from the Anne Frank house, it was hard to imagine that such horrors could happen in such a place.  I’m shuddering now, just thinking about it really, but while WWII is a big part of who and what the Dutch are, it certainly isn’t the only.  Now Cake and Nay, know a little bit more about where our family is from and maybe a bit more appreciation.

Nay looking not so sure about all this.

Cake mastering her scissor skills

When you are 20 months old, glue is awesome!


What a pro, Cake did most of this by herself!

What we learned:

Wooden shoes are called Klompen

The Dutch flag is 3 stripes one each of red, white, and blue

The Fryslân flag is blue and white stripes with red lilly pads

The Dutch monarch is Queen Beatrix, her daughter Princess Margreit was born right here in Ottawa

There’s nothing more Dutch than beautiful tulips!

Dutch farms use windmills to create energy.

And the cheese?  Well…gouda is awesome!

What a fun project this was, highly enjoyable.

What’s up next?  Hmmm, a cup of tea I think.



2 Comments leave one →
  1. May 14, 2010 3:43 pm

    They did an awesome job! It’s so cute to see kids working on projects like this. :o)

  2. September 12, 2010 6:26 am

    Hello! Thanks for swinging by my blog and posting such a kind comment. Your site is adorable, as is your children!! They are so stinkin cute!

    Love all of your fresh, fun ideas. Especially shaving cream paint (never thought about that..) and the yummmmmmy recipes! Have a great weekend.

    Candice @ rattles and redheads.

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