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OK Sandman, I have a beef!

June 10, 2010

Sandman: You're killing me! Enough already with the lackluster sleeping dust!!

Seriously…with a toddler and a preschooler I never expected to get a whole lot of sleep.  I mean, sure 8 or 9 hours is probably what I need but I’m a relatively busy person and if I get 7 I’m happy, 6 I can manage and anything less than that I am pure evil to deal with.  Today is one of those evil days…yelling at the kids for no good reason – check!  Slack-off lunch prepared for kids who will likely have a slack off dinner too – check!  Unbrushed hair, no makeup, jogging pants and a t-shirt both black – check!  LOTS of coffee – check!

Since I discovered green mountain coffee, my life has changed!!

It’s all good though, after being a crazy person for a few minutes Cake came over and let me know that ‘it’s okay Mommy, we can do it TOGETHER!’  Cake was referring to a dispute between herself and Nay over a certain little kitchen set that’s been a hot commodity this week.

This is the kids craft was organized...last January...

But wait…kids are playing nicely but there are still one hundred million tasks that need to be accomplished today!  Sorting out this mess is one of them:

And another one:

S. Geek doesn't know it yet but all this stuff is going to the corner where the old dog bed used to be. Just need a shelf first...

Then there’s this and this:

all stuff that needs some work, stuffie that lost a leg, OK looking tree ornament thingy that needs a paintjob, boat thingy that needs a new place to live.

And then…oh this is just really getting to me.  I’ve had SUCH a busy week and I’ve been wanting to get this done ALL week long but it’s just not going to happen and likely by the time I do get to it my beautiful pineapple will be reduced to mush.

so beautiful, such a shame they have been sitting in my cupboard for 2 whole weeks!!

So Sandman, all I’m saying is that I would really appreciate some super high powered sleeping dust tonight because it seems that every day I’m getting further and further behind in what I’d like to get done around here and if I have to keep on spending $15 a bag for the Green Mountain Coffee I consume way too much of, I’m going to put S. Geek and I into the poorhouse.

And I really have no idea why the formatting on this post seems to be so wonky but seriously right now I don’t care and I can hear Cake in the kitchen moving a chair over to the counter so…gotta run!!!



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  1. Shannon permalink
    June 11, 2010 7:20 pm

    This is a great blog!!


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