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Thank-you Poppy’s Boutique!

June 15, 2010

This is a bit overdue but I wanted to do a bit of a shout out to the host of my first giveaway Poppy’s Boutique!

Cake loves to dress up in frilly dresses and ‘glass slippers’ (her pink crocs) but isn’t a huge fan of doing her hair up, she’s got super fine and since her recent haircut a cute curl in the back.  Unfortunately I pulled her hair once when putting in pigtails and after that she shied away from having her hair up.  Enter the wonderful products from Poppy’s Boutique!  They stick in her super fine hair but are gentle enough that if she wants to take out whatever I’ve put in there she can just slide it right off without pulling out any of her hair.  Anyway, I just wanted to show you some of the adorableness that can be found at Poppy’s!

Cuteness, no?

This one is my fav 🙂

Cake keeps telling me that this one is mine because it's purple and purple is Mommy's favourite

I just really love this picture and S. Geek is away so I thought he'd like it!

This is Cake's favourite but she insists on wearing it on the back of her head, I don't know why.

beanie love!

Another one of my fav's

And that’s pretty well when Cake decided that she was done being a model and wanted to be a princess fairy and she started dancing all over the place!

So thanks again Poppy’s Boutique, ❤ ya!



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