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Top 10 reasons why S. Geek is a #1 Father

June 20, 2010

See this guy?

Yep, he is awesome.  I met him when I was a teenager and then again when I came home from college and fell smack me in the face in love with him.  I always knew he’d be a totally awesome dad too, he’s the kind of guy who always made kids feel like they were a part of the group and spoke to them like they were intelligent albeit tiny grown-ups.  We got married pretty young so we waited a few years before we had kids but since we did decide to add in a few little squids to our family I’ve grown to love and respect him even more.  So here’s my top ten reasons why I think S. Geek is a super awesome Dad!

1.  As mentioned above he doesn’t dumb things down for kids.  He believes you have the capacity to understand and will speak to kids with respect.

2.  He actually likes spending time with Cake and Nay

3.  He shows and tells the kids how much he loves them every day

4.  He’s not embarrassed to sing the kids a goodnight song…even when he’s in a crowded restaurant with his boss’ boss on the other side of the continent.

5.  He can see through the crying.  Crying has never worked on S. Geek, while I crumple like an old newspaper he continues to reiterate that ‘crying doesn’t get you what you want’

6.  He treats other people kids the same way he treats his own.

7.  He helps with the nitty gritty.  While he’s never been one to volunteer to change a diaper, he’ll get kids up from naps, fix broken toys, refill sippy cups, and whatever else needs to be done.

8.  He creative in finding new opportunities for the kids to learn or experience.  Going to the pet store for dog food?  Stop and look at the snakes for 20 minutes!

9.  He lets them help.  Even though it takes 3X as much time he lets the kids help him which they LOVE.  He’s currently rebuilding our vegetable gardens and the kids loved that they get to help fill up the wheel barrow or hold a board.

10.  S. Geek is a tech lover, and knows that part of our kids education will involve emerging technology.  Our 3 year old can navigate the wii, ipad, iphone, you name it she knows it and Nay is already on his way too.  He just needs to stop constantly pressing the home button on the iphone!

S. Geek, Cake, and newborn Nay

S. Geek, you are an amazing father and husband and friend.  Thank-you for everything you do, I hope you’re enjoying father’s day. Aaaaaaand even though it’s your turn to go to gymnastics with the kids, I’ll go and maneuver the obstacle course for you because I love you!



2 Comments leave one →
  1. S.Geek permalink
    June 20, 2010 12:07 pm

    Awwww, so sweet! Thanks hun! I swear it is pure coincidence that I’m wearing my “meh” shirt in both of these photos, I really do care 😀

    All that I do, is a reflection of you (and my love for you).

    Happy fathers day to all fathers!


  2. Rachel permalink
    June 20, 2010 3:31 pm

    I love the picture of the 3 of them. I think the baby hormones made me tear up @ this post.

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