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Top Ten Reasons why Canada kicks ASS!!

July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!  I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful day off, please enjoy a beverage for me as I will be enjoying several.  To honour our Nations day, I’m counting down the top ten reasons why Canada kicks ass!

10.  Rye.  Rye is the beverage of champions!  Mix it with ginger ale or have it on ice, grab yourself a bottle of CC or Crown Royal and enjoy the fireworks!

9.  Tuques.  They are winter hats with giant pompom’s on top, plus they are perfectly acceptable for even manly men to wear because they are Canada’s hat!

8.  The Letter U.  That’s right, we Canadian’s put it all over the place!  ColoUr, Favour for example is just one of the many words we’ve (or was it the British?) stuck the letter U into.  For that matter ZED (not ZEE) is also pretty awesome too!!!

7.  Neil Young, Bryan Adams, Shania Twain, Alanis, the list goes on and on.  Canadians are brilliant musicians!!!

6.  We are Peacekeepers.  While our role in the recent year has been more of an armed offensive, the Canadian government is finally bringing us back to our true role.  Canadians are Peacekeepers!!

5.  Universal health care.  Seriously, I have no idea why you’d do it any other way.

4.  Maternity and Parental benefits.  We get a whole year off to care and bond with our kids.  Even if you work for yourself you can still claim benefits (if you pay in that is)

3.  Our land is vast and diverse.  From Victoria to St. John’s our land is so many different things to so many different people.  Our cities are diverse and made up of new, first, second, third generation Canadians.  I LOVE that I can find ethnically diverse items in our grocery stores without paying specialty store prices.  BTW, I just discovered that the Metro in Kanata has a whole section of Dutch and European food!

2.  Freedom of information.  Our news agencies tell the truth in a mostly unbiased way.  Its not sensationalized (most of the time) and it’s easy to come to your own conclusions.  I thought it was like this everywhere when I was younger.  Not so, but so so sad that it’s not.


1.  Regulation in the food growers and farming industry!!!!  Seriously though, visiting the US made me afraid to eat meat…chicken shouldn’t be the size of your forearm!!!!

O, Canada. Our home and native land!

There were some runners up, POUTINE!!!!!! But the top ten, are just that, the top.  I love Canada, and though we go to to visit many other places I can’t imagine calling anywhere else my home.

Loves to you all this beautiful and glorious day.



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  1. May permalink
    July 1, 2010 10:42 am

    And don’t forget how much safer it is to live in a country that knows that we don’t have to have a gun under our pillow every night!

    Then there is our acceptance of multiculturalism.

    Sometimes, one has to leave home to truly appreciate how wonderful a country Canada is!

    Proud to call myself a Canadian….Happy birthday Canada!

  2. July 15, 2010 5:09 am

    I have always thought Canada was neat. Even though I have never been, I want to so badly!
    I agree completely with the chicken part. They will pump steroids into anything and everything around here. For some reasons Americans think bigger is better. I think healthier is better.

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