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Project Complete!

July 15, 2010

Whew!  I feel like I’ve had a real fire under my *you know what the last few days!  So many projects, lots of cleaning out, organizing and streamlining our parenting practices.

One of my only complaints about being a SAHM with a WFHD is that I feel like I am always picking up after him or the kids.  Seriously, pick up two sippy cups, two snack traps, a coffee cup, and a screw driver, a pair of socks, you get the idea.  Anyway after a few days where I blew my top over the mess in the house I think S. Geek got the idea that I was feeling overwhelmed by all the clutter that was everywhere despite my efforts.  He decided that he would lay down a new rule in the land that our littles could easily understand.  If there are any toys out at the end of the day, he will take them.  We have been on this new rule for 4 days now and it’s wonderful!  Cake runs around like a crazy girl putting all her toys away in the right spot, and if I give Nay something specific and tell him to go and put it in a specific place, he will happily do it.  The kids have shown a bigger interest in helping me keep the house tidy, they even donned rags and scrub brushes today to help me do all the dusting!!

S. Geek has also started to undertake the cleaning of the office.  It was bad before, but after the Earth quake it was hazardous in there!!!  Piles of my fabric and scrapbooking stuff all over the floor, drawers full of old cables, and at least half a dozen roomba virtual walls…seriously it is a MESS in there.  But, we’ve started to to clear it out, and slowly it is happening but it will take time.  S. Geek fixed all the broken roomba’s that had been piling up, and my scooba is now back in the game.  We threw out at least 15lbs of old computer stuff, with another big stack of stuff to go to the computer recycle people.  And as hard as it was for me, I went through a bunch of my books and will be dropping off a HUGE box of books to the Book Market tomorrow morning.  It’ll take some time but overall, I’m super happy with the progress we’ve made.

Speaking of progress, I’ve had several projects on the go for sometime and today I got quite a few completed.  Nothing huge, but because of the completion of these I’m feeling a big impact in the house.  Many of you don’t know this but I actually live in S. Geek’s childhood home.   We have lived here for almost 5 years, and since then I really struggled to make the house feel like MY HOME.  There were many things that drove me crazy, but also a lot of things that held a lot of potential, and a lot of things that make me smile.  For one, Cake sleeps in her Aunt’s old room, and Nay sleeps in S. Geek’s childhood room.  Once, when cleaning out the vents, S. Geek found a whole handful of those fridge alphabet letters shoved deep down.  I couldn’t help but smile, picturing S. Geek and his sister fighting playing in corners where Cake and Nay now fight play.

But I’m off topic, I want to show some of the things that are making my house really feel like HOME to me!

Remember this?

After 47 coats of white spray paint, this beauty is hanging in my guest bathroom!

This one has been a LONG time coming!  S. Geek bought two of these benches about 3 years ago, and then our lovely cat Riley promptly puked all over them, on numerous occasions.  They’ve been cleaned but there was serious staining so a little makeover was in order.


And after!

This fabric is not usually something I'd go for but something about it drew me right in.

OK, and call me an old lady, but I collect spoons.  I don’t know anyone else who does, but I love them!  My Mom used to have dozens and I can remember polishing them, lining them up just how I liked them and admiring all the intricate little pictures.  The bigger spoons are called birth spoons, they are made in a town in Frieslan (a province in Netherlands) and luckily for me, around the time of each of my children’s births my Mom and Dad were in Holland and were able to pick up a couple for me.  Mine is on top, and then Cake and Nay’s are on the side.  S. Geek doesn’t get one though…because he’s Irish…they are almost as good as the Dutch…just no spoons.

The plaque used to be a really dull brown, so I scuffed it up, put on about 4 coats of black paint and then finished it off with a coat of mod podge.

I also have a wall of Welsh love spoons, but that’s for another post…I love spoons…they’re cute, OK?

So even though I’m trying to wean myself off coffee, I’m still being productive.  Let’s see how long that’ll last!!!



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  1. July 20, 2010 2:00 am

    Great work all around on the crafts. And I think it is precious that you are living in S. Geek’s childhood home. My own S. Geek never lived anywhere more than a year or two as a kid, so he doesn’t get how special those long lasting memories of home can be.

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