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Thirty things I want to do before I turn 30

July 20, 2010

Anyone who knows me IRL (in real life) knows that a) I LOVE lists and b) I HATE my birthday

This year is a BIG one…THIRTY, and I’m fairly sure that I plan on ignoring it, but before that dreaded date passes by there are a few things that I want to accomplish.

1.  Cook at least one thing from every cook book I own

2.  Make a new friend

3.  Reconnect with an old friend

4.  Find my spiritual self

5.  Come up with a good business plan

6.  Give more to my community (I used to be a very active volunteer bk, but since have not done ANYTHING)

7.  Sew something for myself

8.  Sew something for my husband

9.  Loose 10 lbs

10.  Quit salt ONCE AND FOR ALL!

11.  Sleep in until 10 am

12.  Finish scrapbooking Cake’s baby book

13.  Develop a taste for red wine

14.  Try Indian food

15.  Call my Grandparents at least every other week.

16.  Finish painting the walls in the family room, and figure out what to do with the mantle.

17.  Lear how to use the snow thrower.  (S. Geek travels a LOT, every trip last year I PRAYED we wouldn’t have a snowfall big enough that I couldn’t just drive over it.)

18.  Read a Jane Austen book

19.  Spend a day being a photographer.

20.  Go fishing

21.  Go on a canal boat tour

22.  Go for coffee by myself, and read a book

23.  Go for a pedicure

24.  Go for a Vichy Rain massage

25.  Cancel Cable

26.  Host a board game night

27.  Read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

28.  Watch Pulp Fiction (I’m tired of people being amazed that I haven’t seen this movie)

29.  Stop using paper towels (right now I only use them to clean glass or for in the car)

30.  Figure out what to do with all the extra sheer curtains we have lying around the house.  (either re-purpose them or give them to someone who can)

That’s it, and that’s enough!

It's a good thing S. Geek is Irish, because I'm going to need all that extra Irish LUCK!



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  1. Vanilla Bean Baker permalink
    July 20, 2010 12:46 pm

    You never said when your birthday was, so Happy Birthday this year! Great list.

    #17…I learned how to use the snow-blower our first winter in the country. Hard on the arms…especially if you have a long driveway 🙂
    #23…I’ve never had a pedicure. Can’t stand other people touching my feet 🙂
    #6 & #30…By donating your sheers to good-will you are giving back to your community in a small way 🙂
    #2…Does making a *blog* friend count 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful year!

  2. July 20, 2010 5:20 pm

    you haven’t seen pulp fiction??!! how is that possible?! definitely scratch that one off your list soon (random fact: that was the first dvd i ever bought)

    if you want a pedicure companion, you know who to call… i’ll be ready to go again in a couple of week 🙂

    it’s good to do something to commemorate your 30th. i got a tattoo on my 30th, and although that might not be for everyone it felt good to “do something” to mark my birthday

  3. Rachel permalink
    July 20, 2010 8:19 pm

    Try Havelli in Bells Corners for Indian food. (I am salivating right now just thinking about it)

  4. July 21, 2010 12:36 am


    @Vanilla bean baker: it’s in November, the 26th. I’m fairly sure that I’ll need to go into some small coma to get through the week. Either that or get really really…really drunk…I may need a babysitter that week.

    @Maranda: oh you know I was counting on you to be my pedi friend. I’m not sure if or what I want to do for my b-day…def not a tattoo…I could barely handle the pain from getting my ears pierced! But yes, I do want something…

    @Rachel: Havelli you say? I’ll have to give it a try, thanks!!

  5. July 22, 2010 12:38 am

    I love that you want to make at least one thing from every cookbook you own – that fabulous! 🙂 Happy Birthday when it comes around!

  6. July 22, 2010 1:46 am

    Oh my! I haven’t had a pedicure either. I’m committed to trying to have one (and a manicure) this year. I just keep thinking that my hands and feet are too ugly.

    As for the Austen book, would reading the Marvel comic series of Pride and Prejudice work? It is great!

  7. July 22, 2010 2:49 am

    That is a pretty good list. If it wasn’t so late and I wasn’t so tired I’d leave a more detailed reply, but for now:
    1. Pride and Prejudice and 2. If you ever want to go to Indian that could take care of #2 and #14. 🙂
    Great to meet you tonight.

    • July 22, 2010 1:13 pm

      I can’t believe you actually got online after last night! I came home and crawled into bed, barely even checked my email!!! I’ll take you up on the Indian, next time S. Geek is out of town (which is almost every other week) we’ll go!!

      • July 22, 2010 5:40 pm

        Sounds good. And lol about being online. We all were. On Twiter. LOL.


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