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Donkey’s = Load of fun

August 3, 2010

My little Nay is a pretty easy guy to please.  Firetrucks: awesome; trains: awesome; food: awesome.  Now, we have something new to add to the list of awesomeness…DONKEY’S!

yes, he is wearing a Star Fleet Cadet t-shirt

We heard about Vandeerlan farm not too long ago, but as soon as I took a peak at the website I knew that I wanted to go.  The price was right, it was just far enough out of the city that it wouldn’t be super busy, but from the look of the pictures I knew it wouldn’t be too sketchy.  Let me just start off by saying that although it was an hours drive, it is SO worth it!  The animals looked all well cared for, had plenty of space in their pens, lots of food and water was provided, and although it is a small farm there must have been at least a dozen staff walking around, working, etc.

Cake loved all the ponies but was not so fond that some of them had flies on their noses.

There were a large number of chickens roaming the ground, and then there was this little guy.


This CUTE little guy was out on the back lawn of the house ON A LEASH!  He was super adorable and amazingly friendly!  We all took turns petting him and letting him smell us but since he was leashed right across from the play structures the kids were anxious to get over there.  Poor little thing, as soon as we walked away he just started to squeal and squeal, it was all I could do not to run over there and pet him some more.

For some strange reason I didn’t get any pictures of the play area, but it was more than sufficient.  There was a large area for the big kids to play but for the littles there were club houses, rocking horses, several ride on toys, and toys toys toys!  We likely spent as much time playing in the play yard as we did looking at the animals.  They are obviously outdoor toys and were faded and a bit dirty but everything was in good shape, nothing that I thought looked out of place or dangerous for my kids to play with.  I can say with much appreciation to the Vaanderlan family that this is not always the case (cough cough, papanack zoo, cough cough.)

The only animal there that was not too pleased to see us was the swan.

The 'male' protecting the nest.

As soon as we approached his pen, he started to yell at us.  And he started to get big, really really big.  I’m talking like filling up with air, is he going to float away soon type of air.  As we rounded the corner of his pen he was trying to get his neck though the fence which was our cue to walk just a wee bit faster.  Luckily we did because he took about 4 good snaps at Nay (who was a safe distance away holding S. Geek’s hand)  before we left the vicinity.


I just remembered why I have no pictures after the swan…my camera battery died…crap 😦


Did I mention the baby goats?

they were maa'ing at us.

After a good amount of time we decided that the kids should probably have some lunch so we drove down to the Cass Bridge Conservation Area for a picnic.  Before we ate though we stopped into ‘The Cheese shop’  apparently this place used to be the main store for Ault foods (a dairy factory in nearby Winchester) so we were expecting some awesome curds and a nice variety of cheddars.  Too bad it was actually just some prepackaged overpriced cracker barrel that you could buy at the local corner store.  We did by a $8 box of crackers and some local honey comb though but honestly I don’t think I’d recommend you stop here since everything was WAY overpriced and not that good anyway.

Cass Bridge Conservation Area was nice though, there were several picnic tables to choose from some near the river and others closer to the play area.  It was very quiet and very clean but, and I only have one, is the play area was on top of a bed of rocks?!?!  Uhhhh, safe much?


So that’s it, GO!  GO to The Barnyard Zoo!  Go see the piggy!  Tell him I’m sorry we had to leave.

Heeeeeeeere piggy piggy piggy piggy!!



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  1. August 4, 2010 6:44 am

    Hi Jenn! Just wanted to pop over and thank you for visiting my blog. And then I saw this adorable post and just had to come tell you that my sister, who lives on a farm upcountry, just e-mailed me pictures of a donkey foal that was born there last week. I’ll be posting those pics on my blog next week, so please come visit again! Glad that you had such a good time. Isn’t it just so refreshing to get OUT OF THE CITY sometimes?!

    • August 5, 2010 2:20 am

      ooo can’t wait, I’ll be sure to show it to Nay. He’s been asking about the donkey’s!

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