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Menu Planning Monday

August 9, 2010

I feel like I am rushing to get my menu done this week.  I feel like I have nothing special or enticing or original to add to my menu this week.  I feel like I am getting SICK of BBQ chicken.  NO BBQ chicken for at least three two weeks.

Monday: Pesto chicken pinwheels with rice and grilled veggies from the Tulips and Maple cookbook

Tuesday:  Cake’s choice!!  Pancakes, boiled eggs, and bacon. (that’s what happens when you ask your 3 year old what we should have for dinner)

Wednesday:  Grilled fish (whatever I can find at the store) and salad greens

Thursday: Pork Souvlaki with hummus, garlic sauce, rice and salad (mmmm can’t wait for this one…drooooool)

Friday:  Hamburgers and Salad

Saturday:  Dinner at my bro’s place

Sunday: Bruschetta topped chicken with grilled veggies (whatever I can find at the farmers market that makes me mouth water!)


I’m also making a few other things out of cookbooks that don’t land on dinner menu’s.  Cake and Nay chose a recipe out of the gooseberry patch cooking with kids cookbook.  It’s called cups of dirt with worms…pudding, cookies, gummy worms…mmmm


Also a few weight watchers recipes, which in my experience can be awesome or totally nasty.  I’m trying a simple Italian tortellini salad, and also a spinach and crab quesadilla which I’m excited for.


We’ll be heading out to Perth again on Saturday for the Perth Garlic Festival to enjoy some delicious delicious garlic wares.  This festival is not as big as the maple one but still worth a visit.  Every year we hope they bring back the garlic soup, but it appears we were one of the only lovers of it because we haven’t seen it in about 5 years 😦


They usually have tastings, a few demonstrations, a wild bird show, and some random places to pick up crafty stuff people are selling.  Really, the atmosphere is great and it, as the maplefest, is a tradition for S. Geek and I.  We’ve only missed one year when we decided to try out the Carp garlic festival but found that we enjoyed the Perth one a bit more.  I highly recommend you make a day of it and go and browse around Perth when you’re done.  We love it there…if it weren’t so far from the city I’d move there in a heartbeat.  Sigh…


Oh, and while in beeeautiful Perth, I’ll be searching out some Vanilla Bean Baker cookies!  I’m hoping her cookies will be for sale somewhere in the vicinity??  Paula???

OK, well I was just looking for a picture, but I have NOTHING.  I haven’t unloaded my camera since last Sunday night and I’m too tired and sleepy and impatient to do it now.  So, blah…but I can live with it, I guess.

Happy Menu Planning, I’m linking it up over at orgjunkie today 🙂



Oh, and if posts seem sporadic this week, it’s because my awesome parents are in town for a visit so I may be a bit distracted.  I love it when they come, and not just because I get to go out for impromptu coffee dates with S. Geek!!  Thanks Mom!!

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  1. August 9, 2010 10:45 pm

    I received your recipes last week! Thanks. I was planning on making pesto pasta the day after your recipes arrived so the timing was just perfect. The lemon poppyseed loaf looks delicious as well, can’t wait to try it.
    Thanks again,

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