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Ottawa Busker Festival

August 10, 2010

The people of the city of Ottawa seriously have a love for festivals.  Every year in the first week of August, Ottawa is home to magicians, jugglers, musicians, and so many more talented people delighting the city with their talents.  There is no admission to the festival, you just head downtown, park where you can, and head up to sparks street!  This year, we headed down in the late morning stayed for a patio lunch, got some amazing beaver tails and lemonade, and took a long walk around the Parliament Buildings!

Rockstar Cake

The kids were so well behaved, they walked, they rode S. Geek’s shoulders, they skipped and laughed.  That day was one for the memory books for sure!  It was almost fate, just as we reached the car ready to go home for afternoon naps the skies opened up and it down-poured!

Cake chose to have a sunflower painted on her face. The green was not easy to get off.

I always forget how much I love going downtown until I’m actually down there and the atmosphere is so lively and cultural.  Some of my fondest memories during the Christmas season are times I spent walking down Elgin street with my shopping bags and my tea cup, and enjoying the decorations and the street musicians playing carols.

Poor S. Geek, he climbed the whole way up while hoisting Cake and carrying Nay.

I don’t know why I think it’s such a hassle to go downtown, I guess it’s no more hassle than going anywhere with the kids these days.  Aaaand once I start potty training Nay my weighty diaper bag will be considerable pared back!

S. Geek and Nay enjoying some lunch!

Along the Ottawa River

shovelling in cotton candy

Hey look, a lion!!!

Strangely enough…I don’t have any pictures of buskers.  How did that happen?  Well, anyway it was fun and next year it will be even better because the kids will understand a little more.  Hmmm that’s a scary thought actually.

Gosh, not too wordy this week am I?  Maybe I shouldn’t be writing these so late at night when I’m half asleep.



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