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Menu Planning Monday

August 16, 2010

Another week gone already?  When did August start?  Where did July go?  How is it that AUTUMN is almost here???  I don’t understand.

Last week was a good week for cooking, the pesto chicken pinwheels turned out amazingly well and the leftovers were used in quesadilla’s.  I’ll be sharing the recipe for that later on I think because it was a really impressive meal that wasn’t a whole lot of work so it’s one to keep in the back of my mind for when we have dinner guests.

I also tried a recipe called zucchini pie out of another one of my never used cookbooks.  It wasn’t at all what I was expecting but it wasn’t horrible.  It was sort of like a zucchini quiche, but the ‘crust’ was sweetish so it was a bit different.

made in one of my Christmas pie plates!

I enjoyed it, the kids?  Yeah, not so much.  Between the three of us we only ate 1/4 of the thing and then unfortunately I put it in the downstairs fridge to be forgotten until it turned to mush 😦

I also made a rather shocking discovery in my crisper the other day.

do you suppose it was a gremlin who put bite marks into my cucumber?

No, I suspect it was little Mr. Nay who did this one.

it's possible he's part gremlin

Not sure if he got it while my back was turned at the grocery store of if he got it while I was putting groceries away at home.  All I know is that this is NOT a first offence!

So, onto this week!

Monday: carryover bruschetta topped chicken with grilled veggies

Tuesday: bbq hamburgers with salad

Wednesday: French toast and Mango sauce from The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook

Thursday: Peameal bacon with grilled asparagus and and potatoes

Friday fun night dinner: Spaghetti in marinara sauce

Saturday: Elk sausages on buns with broccoli salad

Sunday: Leftovers!  🙂

Poor S. Geek, he’s gone again and he’s going to miss out on the awesome looking mango sauce.  More for me!!!



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