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Happy Birthday Nay Nay

August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday my little Nay Nay.

There's a baby in there!

Today my little baby boy turns two years old.  My pregnancy with him was wonderful, I wasn’t sick I was no more tired than normal, and overall quite healthy.  He was pretty big, but other than that everything was normal.  My doctor was wonderful to deliver with, so intuitive and eager to do things my way I really couldn’t have asked for anything more from her.  My labour was quick and while not painless was rather easy compared to other deliveries I’ve heard of.   When Nay was born, he was pretty alert right away which was quite different than how Cake was.  Nay was alert and very…ummm vocal?  Yeah, within about 2 weeks he had colic which is apparently sweet sweet revenge for my own parents because I tortured them with colic when I was an infant. Then amidst the colic he had thrush as well.  It was terribly painful but I didn’t realize what it was until we had both been infected so badly it made my toes curl to nurse him.  Thankfully my resolve to continue nursing held fast and I continued to nurse Nay until he was 21 months old.  After the colic and thrush had subsided, we began to get to know our little son, and brother for little Cake.  He very quickly let us know that he took after my own personality rather than that of my laid back husband and daughter.  He knew what he wanted, and he had NO problem letting us know when we got it wrong.  In honour of that, I count down Nay’s top ten favourites.

Nice to finally meet you!

10.  Firetrucks are awesome.

in the hospital waiting for the OK from the pediatrician so we could leave early

9.  Sour and Savoury tastes: ie dill pickles!

Nothing says happy like a nap with Daddy!

8.  Bunny and Sleep Sheep.  These are his ‘lovies’ except well, sleep sheep has devolved into JUST the sound machine that used to be housed into Sleep Sheep’s belly.

First Hallowe'en! Tux the penguin

7.  Fruit Sticks.  You know those dehydrated apple things?  He’s addicted, really he is.  He wakes up in the morning and can be heard from his crib asking for a fruit stick.

Peak a boo!

6.  Speaking of cribs…he LOVES his crib.  In his crib he will sleep and sleep and sleep.  Anywhere else and he will wake up on a hair trigger.  Mamma likes this.

First Christmas enjoying his gifts. Delicious!

5.  Swings.  This boy could go to the park and swing the whole time.  He loves to swing, there doesn’t even have to be someone pushing!

His first time on the swing!

4.  Colouring.  Again, he just loves to colour on anything and anyone…really, especially himself.  His favourites are brown and green and sometimes pink.  He also quite enjoys colouring with a pen on the newspaper.  I can thank Nana for that one!

During the thumb sucking phase.

3.  AMINALS!!!  Yes, that’s how he says it.  He loves all animals as many kids do but he has a serious love for all things furry and adorable.  Case in point, his Aunt recently acquired an adorable mini dachshund and the poor puppy was harassed by little Nay then ENTIRE time we were there.


2.  Jumping.  I was starting to wonder when Nay would learn to jump but it was unwarranted.  When he finally did start, he hasn’t stopped.  He jumps everywhere, all the time and it brings him such joy.

Nay and Uncle Got

1.  People.  Nay has his favourites.  No offence to anyone else out there but he has some serious love for his Nana, Uncle Got, his Grandpa, and of course Cake.  It’s like the world is a brighter place when these people come into the room.  Notice that S. Geek and I are not on this list?  Yeah…

Nay on his first birthday.

Bonus:  Digging.  In the sand, in the dirt, here, there everywhere.  Even if it’s just pretend digging.  Nay loves to sling a shovel over his shoulder and go to town.

There, that’s it.  I hope you enjoyed my recollections of my sweet baby boy.  Of course if I were to say that to him he would reply with ‘no momma, dat’s siyyylyy, Nay a BIIIIG boy’.



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  1. Rachel permalink
    September 21, 2010 4:14 am

    Somehow I missed this in my inbox. This is so sweet and makes me a little sad for you that he’s growing up so quickly. 😦

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