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Coffee Cuffs for All!

September 14, 2010

I needed a gift in a hurry one day for my much older brother’s birthday so scouring the net I went in search of something truly awesome.  I knew he was a Starbucks lover as is his much younger sister so I searched out one of those adorable coffee cuff patterns.  admission time: I have no idea where I printed this off from, please if you recognize it as your own let me know as I’m sure I’ll recognize the pattern as soon as I see the site. I still had quite a bit of fabric leftover from doing my men’s shirt repurposing so I decided to fashion my cuffs after the shirt cuffs from a men’s dress shirt.  Even though I’m fairly certain my much older bro hasn’t ever worn a suit to work.

The idea was very simple and I was able to make two cuffs in an evening.  I also lined mine with some cotton/poly batting to make it a little resistant to the heat of the coffee inside the cup.  I think you could also use the heat resistant batting but I thought that may be overkill since it’s just coffee and you’re not taking hot pans out of the oven or anything.

I scoured my huge collection of buttons for some nice masculine buttons you know, none with flowers or pearl on them? I have a thing for buttons, I keep them all.  Even when the shirts I cut up are no longer good for fabric I took all the buttons off of them to add to my stash for some fated day where they will come in useful.  I think that Cake may have inherited this from me because the other day she noticed the huge stash and said that she wanted to make a fall craft using some of my buttons.  Be still my heart child, we are more alike than I thought!!  I’m picturing buttons hot glued onto pumpkins right now!

I tried the cuffs on both a tall and a grande size and they both fit nicely.  I’m sure that a venti cup would work as well as the fasten is actually made from a new hair elastic!  I adore the fabric on the outside and only wish that I could have made some more things from that shirt.  I’m thinking of making some for myself as well with some of the sweet fabric I’ve got stashed away for no reason but since my pile of to-do’s hasn’t gotten any smaller it’ll have to wait for now.

The one on the top there is actually turned inside out so you could see the other fabric I chose.  I made dear bro two of them so that if anyone swipes one he’ll still have one to save his delicate palms from coffee burns!

Oh, and the people at Starbucks?  Yeah, they thought I was a genius!!  But not genius enough to give me a free latte.  Boo.

This was a great little project even for the beginner.  Just google ‘sewing pattern for coffee cuffs’ and you’ll get loads of options.  I just wish I could find where I got mine…I printed them over a month and a half ago and ohmygod it would take me forever to go through my history for that long!

I see many of these in my future, as almost everyone I know is a coffee or tea lover and since they are super easy I’m thinking Christmas!  Who knows, maybe you’ll be getting a nice surprise from me come Christmastime!

But there’s me getting ahead of myself again, let’s not think too deeply about Christmas yet while there’s still so much fun to be had with Hallowe’en and Thanksgiving right around the corner!



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  1. September 15, 2010 9:56 pm

    Wow! That is soo awesome. I love it! It would make a great gift for all the coffee lovers out there. Or maybe I’ll make one for myself. I’m more of an iced coffee person, but without it, my hands could get too cold, right? 🙂

    Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for the lovely comment! I’m definitely subscribing.

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