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OK, now I’m worried.

September 16, 2010

So, remember how I mentioned a few days ago that the settings on my rebel xti were funny and it wasn’t working right?  Yeah…so I’ve been fiddling and fiddling resetting everything, and I’m not a camera beginner so I’m not worried that I’ve done anything; but now my AF isn’t working at all.  Not only that but my AF points display also isn’t working at all.  I thought at first it was just my lens, I’ve been doing some baking and cooking and S. Geek is always scolding me for leaving various electronics on the counter right beside the stovetop or mixer or whatever.  So yesterday I took her all apart and gave her a good cleaning and there was a bit of flour in there but nothing that made me worried, and nothing that after it came out made my camera work again either.

Thinking back now, I’ve noticed a bit in the past that my camera has been slow to respond for a few weeks now.  I usually don’t let my CF card get too full just for that reason but I know I’ve been getting really good at emptying it at least once a week.

Right now, I’m just hoping that it’s only my lens and not my body that is having the problem.  If it is the lens, oh well I can probably swing a new lens in another month or so but a whole new camera?  Yeah, not so much.  Luckily we’ve still got a nice point and shoot that I can use in the meantime but it technically is S. Geek’s camera so if he catches me leaving it next to the stove again, I’m toast!

I’ve got some good QT time here now with my manual trying to figure out what the heck is going on and I’m hoping tomorrow to bring my camera over to Maranda‘s to see if any of her lens’ will work on my camera.

The other possibility I’d like to look into if only we had a machine that ran windows, wow never thought I’d say that is finding out what my shutter actuations are since it’s possible that it’s coming to the end of it’s life.

If anyone has any suggestions please, PLEASE fill me in.

here's the first tester photo I ever took with my xti, way back in 2006!



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