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Halloween Wrap Up at Chez OReilly

November 2, 2010

So putting the kids to bed on October 30th something happened that turned everything around for us.

View from my front door at 10pm on October 30th.

Fall mums frozen and covered in snow ~ check!  Leaves still on the lawn waiting to be raked up ~ check!  Snow brush still safely stored somewhere in the garage so that when I have to drive home from a friends place I need to borrow one from her ~ check…thanks Rob!

Yep, it snowed the day before Halloween meaning that adorable costumes would be covered up by jackets and the cute pink converse shoes that Cake would be wearing would be replaced by the snowboots I bought a few weeks ago thinking I had months before I needed to cut the tags off.

The kids (incl. S. Geek) were thrilled with the idea of snow though.  Nay didn’t even want to sit down for breakfast (which is VERY odd for my little guy) he just wanted to bundle up and get outside!

Cake ran out and immediatly started off with some snow angels.

My brilliant husband had the wonderful idea to build a halloween snowman, which turned into a super scary Halloween snow-witch!

We made red eyes by squirting ketchup into the empty sockets.

Here’s a few other shots of our decorations:

Cake inspecting the spider I made using a spraypainted styrofoam ball and extra large pipe cleaners

My favourite lanterns lining our walkway.

Giant spider taking over a flower bed, kids either loved this or hated it. A few of the little ones wouldn't even come up the walk way for a treat because of it's presence.

As we were heading inside to thaw out a bit Cake matter of factually informs S. Geek and I that after you play out in the snow you should have hot chocolate because that’s how it is of course.

Nay wasn't so sure about the hot chocolate at first but dove right in when I threw a marshmallow in there!

Cake had no problems with any of it, she was in child heaven!

After Nay’s much needed afternoon nap and after waiting for our pumpkin to thaw out because even though I was reminded to bring it inside the night before I didn’t. we needed to carve our jack-o-lantern with only a happy face.  Cake was very insistent on the happy face part, she wanted nothing that even resembled scary.

Nay was hesitant to clean it out but once S. Geek got him to settle down he dove right in!

Unfortunately by this time it was about 4:30 and we usually start getting kids by 5:30 so we needed to get dinner on the table and get the kids and ourselves costumed so I didn’t even get a picture of our finished pumpkin!  Nothing fancy though, triangle eyes, buck teeth you know the drill!

Cake was in such a rush to go trick or treating I couldn't really get any good shots of them!

Nay was getting angry at this point. Angry with mamma, and especially her camera.

Cake was a Princess Ballerina and Nay was Captain Kirk, with S. Geek who was Spock.  I was supposed to be a Jedi Knight but I had on so many layers of sweaters and jackets and scarves all I was, was cold.

Our neighbours and the people we have to thank for having HUNDREDS of trick or treaters every year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween and I love that it’s so spirited around here but I could do without the 400 kids that come to my door every year.  Also, I could do without the buying of the candy…cashiers make fun of me for buying so much….anyway, the display here had huge flood lights and a smoke machine and the Frankenstein on the table moved up and down, as did the doctors and nurses that were working on him.  It’s very impressive this place, they are very creative people next door for sure!!!

For some reason I didn’t get a picture of the car wreck our other neighbour had on his front lawn, I thought for sure I got one but I can’t seem to find it…unless it’s on my iphone but in that case it’s going to stay there.


So at 8:15, we packed it in because we ran out of candy.  Our final count for the night was 415 give or take a few, and I have to say at least this year the kids seemed to all be pretty reasonably dressed.  Last year it seemed like there were a lot of inappropriately dressed preteens and a lot of babies trick or treating…sorry but I don’t give out candy to babies…or 13 year old girls wearing bikini’s.

We did have a LOT of older teenagers coming in later with no costumes, while polite, I’m sorry if it’s against your beliefs to dress up then ummm maybe you shouldn’t be trick or treating at all.  I gave them candy anyway…because I’m nice like that.


We had a great night, and thankfully all the pink hairspray washed out of Cake’s hair.  I’m glad it’s over now though, because now I can really focus on…you guessed it!  Christmas!!!  Less than 8 weeks out now folks!!!


Hope you all had a wonderful night!!



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  1. November 2, 2010 10:34 am

    Burrr! We are not quite ready for the white stuff down here in Indiana, but secretly, I LOVE the stuff! It’s jut not something I admit out loud to too many people! Love your pics!

  2. Vanilla Bean Baker permalink
    November 2, 2010 1:36 pm

    Love the snow witch! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stay like the little ones and still get excited about snow? Enjoyed the pictures of your little trick-or-treaters and your post.

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