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Menu Planning Monday

November 8, 2010

I’m still recovering.  I must have walked 10 kilometre’s on Saturday, I must have carried 80lbs of bags, my knee is snapping like a turtle and my eyes…oh  my eyes, they feel like I’ve given them the once over with sandpaper.  What could you ask could possibly do this to an individual?  Let me tell you first that it was WONDERFUL!  I have been looking forward to this day for weeks, months really!  My bestie Rob and I got up waaaaay too early in the morning drove for over two hours and shopped and shopped and shopped…and shopped.  We don’t have Target in Canada, or Joann’s, or Khols and going there was so. much. fun.  It made it even better that Rob was with  me, we don’t have nearly as much hang out time as we deserve want.  Anyway, I spent a LOT of money but I’m pretty well done my Christmas shopping now and just need to spend the rest of my spare time sewing and crafting and creating MAGIC!  Seriously, I thrive in these types of situations!  Just not tonight.  Let me tell you, my knee seriously feels ready to SNAP!  Long story short there was an incident involving a ski hill and some moguls resulting in a pair of crutches and a cast all many, many, many, many, many, many years ago but my knee has never been the same.  When I over exert it, it lets me know but only after it’s too late damn failing body parts. So today, other than doing some baking and a bit of yard cleanup and dealing with kids who were dealing with the time change, I’ve done a whole lotta’ nothing.  The theme for this whole upcoming week will be raking and sewing, and of course S. Geek is gone so I should have plenty of time!

I’ve got some fun meals planned this week, I think Cake will be happy I hope. How did I end up with a picky child?!?!

Monday:  Leftover mushroom chicken with rice and frozen veggies

Tuesday:  whole wheat banana pancakes with berries

Wednesday:  Pizza night

Thursday:  Roasted chicken nachos

Friday Fun Night Dinner:  Caesar salad and either mini burgers or hot dogs

Saturday:  Penne with mushroom tomato cream sauce

Sunday:  Beef Chalupas (can’t WAIT for this one, yum!)

I did baking today so I’m not really planning on doing much more this week, especially since I’ll be on my own for the week.  However if I can make some room in the freezer I really need to get some bread baked!

So, I have a question totally unrelated to cooking or food.  It’s a sewing question, about the Huck Finn pants in Weekend Sewing.  Has anyone actually completed a pair of these?  Is there something up with the pattern?  I’ll tell you, there is something seriously funky going on and I’m not sure exactly what it is.  I’ve double and triple checked the instructions in the book and have checked the fabric against the original pattern in case I traced it incorrectly but I’m sure I didn’t.  See, it appears as though the front is HUGE compared to the back panels and the seams are not working out right and there was part of an instruction about top stitching the OUTSIDE of the pant seam???  I know that I’m just a beginner and all but WHAT is wrong with this?  I googled to see if anyone else had any issues and found lots of comments about the other patterns in the book but nothing about the pants.  I’m going to try once more to see if I can save them but I’m getting a bit worried that I spent $30 on a book that has crappy patterns for things I WANT to make!  And while I’m ranting, seriously if someone is spending $30 + on a sewing book with patterns shell out the extra 0.00005 of a cent it costs to put the patterns on SEPARATE sheets for goodness sakes!  Tracing patterns onto paper makes me crazy, I only buy sewing books that come with pull out patterns for a reason.  SO ANNOYING!  Makes me love One Yard Wonders even more…So can anyone help me?  Please?????

Hugs, and happy shopping!


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