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Update on my Thirty List

November 9, 2010

Wow, for someone who has everything on a list somehow and who goes everyday thinking that part of accomplishment involves crossing stuff off I haven’t done a very good job on a list of things that I wanted to do for myself.

I turn 30 in less than twenty days.

1.  Cook at least one thing from every cook book I own Done

2.  Make a new friend Anna, from playgroup…though I don’t even know if she reads my blog…

3.  Reconnect with an old friend Hi Lori!

4.  Find my spiritual self  ~  Not done, nowhere near figuring this out.

5.  Come up with a good business plan  ~  see above.`

6.  Give more to my community (I used to be a very active volunteer bk, but since have not done ANYTHING) I wish I could say I was able to give time as well but all I’ve managed to do is give money.

7.  Sew something for myself  ~ nope…sadly.

8.  Sew something for my husband ~ this is done but I’m saving it for Christmas!!!

9.  Loose 10 lbs ~ I’m going to call this one done because I only have .5 of a pound left to loose.

10.  Quit salt ONCE AND FOR ALL!  ~ I am weak.

11.  Sleep in until 10 am ~ I am pathetic 😦

12.  Finish scrapbooking Cake’s baby book Finally!!  And I have plans to start Nay’s book after Christmas!

13.  Develop a taste for red wine ~ it tastes like feet.

14.  Try Indian food ~ not a fan.

15.  Call my Grandparents at least every other week.  ~ only shame exists here.

16.  Finish painting the walls in the family room, and figure out what to do with the mantle. ~ I need some serious mantle inspiration!!

17.  Lear how to use the snow thrower.  (S. Geek travels a LOT, every trip last year I PRAYED we wouldn’t have a snowfall big enough that I couldn’t just drive over it.)  ~ wellllll, it hasn’t exactly snowed a whole lot here so I haven’t had an occasion to do this yet!

18.  Read a Jane Austen book Read Sense and Sensibility…it was not my cup of tea.

19.  Spend a day being a photographer. One of the best days of October!!

20.  Go fishing ~ nope!

21.  Go on a canal boat tour ~ nope!

22.  Go for coffee by myself, and read a book ~ nope!

23.  Go for a pedicure YES!!  Aaaaand my very best bff in the world says we will go for pedi’s again for my b-day!!!

24.  Go for a Vichy Rain massage ~ very sad, I really wanted to try one of these.

25.  Cancel Cable ~ nope, we signed up for netflix and am very underwhelmed.

26.  Host a board game night ~ does playing Candyland 500 million times count?  No, not really.

27.  Read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath ~ still want to do this.

28.  Watch Pulp Fiction (I’m tired of people being amazed that I haven’t seen this movie) ~ OK, maybe I’ll see if this is on netflix.

29.  Stop using paper towels (right now I only use them to clean glass or for in the car) ~ this is mostly done, I used them the other day to pick up some cat puke though.

30.  Figure out what to do with all the extra sheer curtains we have lying around the house.  (either re-purpose them or give them to someone who can) ~ I gave a big pile to the goodwill, and I found a pattern to make a slip for Cake, and then I still have a few leftover that will probably go in the stairwell window one day when I get brave enough to get the BIG ladder out to hang them.

13 out of 30…sad…really it is…but I still have twenty days right?



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  1. November 9, 2010 2:35 pm

    Great list and no need to worry. You are going to be thirty for an entire year. Lots of time left to work on crossing more things off.

  2. November 9, 2010 6:44 pm

    You’re doing great, I think! Although I can’t understand how you don’t like red wine or Indian food, two of my favourite things on earth!

    I think you should revise #11 to 8:30am. In Mom-time, that’s a big sleep in!

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