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Knee Deep

November 23, 2010

The shopping, the sewing, the creating.  These are the things I’ve been thinking of non stop for the last few weeks.  I’m making excellent progress I think and am loving everything that I’m churning out.  I went shopping again down to the US to pick up a few extra items and fun food stuffs that we can’t buy in Canada (they have FLAVOURED goldfish crackers!!!)  with Maranda and have now packed my super secret hiding spot full with very little wiggle room leftover.  I very smartly threw a blanket over it so that small people would be none the wiser!  Ha!  Anyway, during the drive Maranda and I were talking about all sorts of things our husbands muahahahaha but something that she said has been stuck in my head since.

Long story short a young mother passed away leaving behind two kids.  Maranda said how she imagined that this young mother had wished her kids never slept just so that she could spend as much time with them as possible.  While I’m not saying that I’m hoping Nay comes tumbling down the stairs right now looking to party, thinking of this during a rather cranky moment hour he had today made it a bit easier to keep my cool.

I don’t like thinking about death.  I don’t let S. Geek talk to me about it, I won’t discuss it at all when it comes to the people I love.  But reflecting on my conversation in the car I had to think if I were moments left on the Earth would I be happy about all the times I’ve said ‘no’ to the kids?  Would I feel guilty for turning down requests to read another Dora book just so that I could check my email for the second time in an hour or play candyland over and over?  I try to say yes as often as I can, ‘yes we can play playdoh, yes we can bake cookies, yes let’s play candyland sigh but a lot of times it’s ‘no, mommy needs 5 minutes.’  I wonder how many times I say that in a day?  Some days it feels like a lot, and I’m pretty sure that I would hate that if I were at the end.  Am I being morbid? 


Yeah, I’m getting out of my comfort zone now.  All I’m saying is that sometimes having that little reminder to enjoy your life while it’s happening is important.  So tomorrow, and hopefully every day after that I will be saying yes more and no less.  Yes to more fun, yes to more experiences, and yes to more love.


So coming up, will be lots of sewing that I can’t show you, and crafting, and cooking!  I feel I’ve taken a sufficient break from talking about food plus I have to start testing out some cookie recipes for an upcoming cookie exchange.  My awesome mom found a speculaas cookie mold from a US company so it’s on the way, I just hope it’ll make it on time.


Also, one last random thought.  Has anyone seen the commercials for Dance Central for the Xbox 360 kinect?  Yeah, that looks super fun!  We don’t have an Xbox but seriously!  I’m a horrible dancer, I mean B.A.D.  We went to a wedding on the weekend and there was dancing by me, I’m sure that if anyone was watching they were probably wondering what I was trying to do but whatever.  S. Geek likes to dance and as his wife I feel obligated, no wait…no it’s obligation happy to indulge him and dance with him as long as he lets me use a death grip on his shirt collar and doesn’t change the pace of the dance.  Yep, I am smooooooooooooth!  Ha!!  Anyway, the whole point is that I would totally play that dance game in the privacy of my own basement.  Fun.  Oh, and S. Geek if you’re thinking that this is a thinly veiled request for an Xbox 360 for Christmas, it isn’t.  We don’t need another gaming system in the house and really I’d much prefer you move the wii to the basement.

I love that strike through type…

I feel much happier now, time for sleep!



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  1. November 23, 2010 3:54 pm

    Dance Central is super fun, and you do NOT need to know how to dance. Come on over and try it!

    Check out my mini review here:

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