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OK OK I guess I was over reacting a bit

November 29, 2010

So it’s happened, I’m sigh thirty.  Despite my threats requests to ignore the day my friends made me feel very loved and my family treated me like a queen with lots of renditions of ‘happy birthday’ through out the day.  I loved the sweet songs from my Cake and the lovely ‘happy birfday you, happy birfday you…have ipad please mommy’ sung by my Nay and the vibrant and energetic version sung by S. Geek what can I say, the Irish blood that runs through their veins have turned us into a household of song. Every bit of it made my day (Actually the whole weekend) pretty darn special and made me almost regret being such a grinch about the whole thing in the week leading up to the day.  The new induction stove was technically my big present but S. Geek did bring me some new travel mugs, a box of nice chocolate and some Christmas love for the house.  S. Geek and I also got a babysitter for Friday night and went to see the newest Harry Potter movie which was a lot of fun.  Saturday, we went to see some friends and their baby (sooooo want to grow another small thing but S. Geek is reluctant)  and then Saturday night my bestie Rob and her family came over for dinner and playtime with the kids.  Rob bought me a very nice sewing book that I had been eyeing for awhile, a gorgeous travel mug from Khols, and a lovely knit vest (I have a thing for those…)   Anyway, the kids had a super time all playing together but in all the excitement I didn’t take a single photo!?!?  Crazy, I know but with 4 littles running around and a dinner and all that I just didn’t even think of it.  I’m tempted to capture my thirtyishness right now but alas, I am not make-uped or anything so I’ll just have to remember it in my not so awesome memory.    So thanks to all who made my weekend so wonderful, and thank you for putting up with my grumpiness.


The weeks ahead will be very very full for me, so posting may be a tad on the sporadic side.  I’ve still got loads of sewing left to do and now that we’re practically in December I have to start the baking.  Just today I realized I completely forgot to start my Christmas cakes this year, boo.  I’ve finally gotten around to placing my order at so hopefully it won’t take more than a week or so to get here.  I’ve actually got no more shopping to do, other than a few small items to accompany the bigger gift that I’m making.  This is making me quite pleased as I have no desire at all to be forced into a mall anytime soon.  You could probably convince me to make a trip to Chapters however, it’s always awesome there.


Oh, on a side note:  if anyone is interested The Dutch Grocer on Merivale rd. is having Sinterklaas come on December 4th from 1-4pm.  We will be there, and hopefully Nay will get close enough for me to get a picture of them together!  The timing is rather unfortunate since it’s right at naptime but I’m going to risk it since if it does work it’d be a super adorable picture!  We’ll be putting out our shoes on December 5th to see what good ole’ Sinterklaas will bring from Spain for our good little Dutch children (teeheehee.)


I haven’t done an official meal plan this week as we’re just going into a rather extended period of absence for S. Geek so I cooked my turkey today and I’m hoping to make that last until at least Thursday.  Add in a take-out night and a roast beef next Saturday night and I’m feeling pretty good!  Feeding kids is so easy, they don’t care if the flavours meld properly or if it doesn’t make any sense at all to serve raspberries with cubed chicken in cheese sauce.  Or, I should say, little kids don’t care.  Maybe once they’re older and they’ve gotten a larger appetite I won’t cop out so often but for now I’m pretty happy!  Besides most of the time while S. Geek is away I live off tea, toast, and cereal anyway.  Healthy, I know!


Well, all that turkey tonight has put me into a bit of a fog, so I’m going to go and brew some herbal tea and enjoy a few quiet minutes watching the Star Wars marathon that’s on television right now and then go do something productive.  (Like go to sleep early for a change.)


Hope all you Americans had a happy Thanksgiving and are enjoying the turkey as much as I am!




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  1. Vanilla Bean Baker permalink
    November 29, 2010 10:18 pm

    Glad your birthday was a great day for you. Have a wonderful year.

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