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Menu Planning Monday

December 6, 2010

Sift and shake, measure and pour. Flour on faces, sugar on floor!

Do you see this face?  She is ecstatic that jolly old St. Nick will be visiting our house in mere weeks.  She is ready, letters to Santa have been mailed and she checks daily just in case he left her something a bit on the early side!  She is all over the baking too, she’s helped me out a number of times and while she wasn’t a fan of the pizzels (she didn’t like the star anise) she really enjoyed the chocolate peppermint crackle cookies (recipes to come!)  and Nay well, he liked everything!

My speculaas mold arrived in the mail and I’m hoping to give them a try this week but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time.  Plus I went to a cookie exchange today and now I have so many cookies I don’t know where I’m going to stuff them all while I wait for Christmas to get here!

S. Geek is away again so we’ve got a really simple meal plan this week which doesn’t help to empty out the freezer in anticipation of all the upcoming cooking. that I’ve actually prepared in advance because I didn’t like the uncertainty that went with the no plan week I had last week.


Monday:  Spaghetti (Cake’s new favourite)

Tuesday:  Roast chicken, frozen veggies and rice if I’m feeling ambitious

Wednesday:  Grilled chicken and pineapple quesadillas

Thursday:  leftover grilled chicken made into Meal Nacho’s served with fruit salsa

Friday:  Frozen pizza and caesar salad

Saturday:  Roast beef, green beans, potatoes and yorkshire puddings

Sunday:  Slow cooker hamburger stroganoff.


Yaaaaaaawn!  Oh my!  When S. Geek is away, I don’t sleep and man oh man I am tired!  But I’m enjoying all the extra sewing time I’m getting the last few weeks so I’ll keep my complaints to a minimum.  It’s funny, I’m so busy when he’s gone ‘working’ on getting ready for Christmas and when he was here yesterday he pointed out that I have yet to ask for anything for myself!  Apparently I’m hard to buy for and he’s a bit distressed so I’ve actually got to get my thinking cap on and figure out something I want other than a completed en suite bathroom 🙂 xoxoxoloveyous.geek! HA!


Oh, and thinking of myself, if you read my posts last week you caught the glimpse of trouble I was having with letting go of something.  I’m happy to report that after a thoughtful conversation with S. Geek and the airing of my mind here thank-you blogland I feel much better about the situation and have ruled it a non issue going forth.  S. Geek pointed out to me that not everyone shares the same ideas on social responsibility as I do and that I should just be happy with what I do for others but not to expect the same in return.  And really, I don’t do the things I do just so that I get something in return I do them so that I can make people feel good!  And that’s enough for me, I guess I just needed a good reminder! 


So send me all your patience vibes since I think I’ll need them this week while I’m on my own again.



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