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Can FINALLY show you!

December 21, 2010

My family has a yearly Christmas dinner a week or so before the big day with our very best friends and each year it just gets better and better and better.  This year all the kids are so much fun, there are no babies anymore so everyone kind of gets what the deal is with the presents.  We had my two littles plus W and C who are two year old twins all ready for the excitement.  I’ve been holding on to their gifts for some time now as they were one of the first ones I completed.  I started with this:

my 'pattern'

This is written on the back of a grocery list…not so precise but I’m a measure fifty times cut once person so it was fine for me.

The twins are pretty small so these really are toddler backpacks, I measured and cut fronts and backs for two backpacks.  Then I measured and cut two pockets to go on the front where I’d adhere their initials.  I know, I know the pockets aren’t in my ‘pattern’ I just winged it.

I also cut out their initials in felt since I was planning on just gluing it on with gorilla glue.  It’s the same idea I used with the grandparents pillows I did awhile back.

I made the pockets out of one of S. Geeks old dress shirts again, and actually decided to make them double pockets so that as soon as W + C get into hot wheels since I’m sure it’ll be soon they’ll have double storage!

I believe the pockets were 2.5"

Also made the straps from the same dress shirt.

used some elastic and just folded it into a double fold bias tape and then sewed the eges into the elastic.

After I sewed the straps onto the backside of the backpack, about 2″ from the top and the bottom, I placed the ‘outside’ sides together so I could sew the front to the back.

pocket facing the straps

After sewing the front and back together I turned it right side out and voila!  Two matching backpacks for two adorable little boys!


Back and Front

In the morning I tried on on my own little two year old model, he loved the back pack…I had to catch him to take a few quick pics and then wrestle him to get it off before he got it dirty.

Run away!!!

Can't catch me!

Mommy always wins.

SO cute!  I hope that the boys love their backpacks as much as I loved making them.  Oh and if anyone wants to buy my super awesome pattern I’m selling it for a stiff drink $1000 CAD and you get a complimentary grocery list for one weeks worth of groceries at the O’Reilly household.




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  1. January 9, 2011 7:52 am

    so cute… both the backpacks and the little ones. 🙂

    thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog yesterday. 🙂 i love visitors… especially the ones who leave me love. 🙂

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