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Monthly Menu Plan

January 3, 2011

After all the hustle and bustle was done with I sat down and made a list of thirty one meals to get me through the month of January.  January has typically been a clear out month for me.  I use up the stocks, use up what’s in the freezer and use my slow cooker a LOT!  Some of these recipes I’ll be writing about because I’ve spent a good few years cultivating and loving them into awesomeness and other ones are simple ones that are economical (and lets face it after Christmas we all need a bit of that!) and the rest are just some favourites of mine that fit in nicely in the holes.  As needed I’ll add in a ‘leftover night’ and then just push back the meal plan so that it runs into February.  Brilliant, non?  Ha!  OK, on with it!

1. Pineapple Chicken Stir Fry served with jasmine rice

2.  Slow Cooker Beef Stew

3.  Baked Chicken with mushroom, rice and green beans.

4.  Slow Cooker Pork Ribs, fresh cut carrots and celeryy

5.  Black Bean Casserole

6.  Slow Cooker Chili with no knead bread

7.  Friday Fun Night: WW pancakes

8.  Roast Chicken with rice and sugar peas

9.  Homemade Pizza

10.  Fish with fries and fresh veggies

11.  Quesadilla’s and chicken nacho’s

12.  Turkey Soup from the freezer with bread and salad

13.  Spaghetti

14.  Friday Fun Night:  Eggs and toast

15.  Roast Beef Dinner

16.  Turkey Burritos

17.  Chicken Divan

18.  Phillly Cheese steak Sandwiches (from Fine Cooking’s Weeknight Dinner Book)

19.  My new favourite Shepherd’s Pie

20.  Fish with fries and salad

21.  Friday Fun Night:  Caesar salad and mini burgers

22.  Lasagna and garlic bread

23.  Ham and Pasta

24.  Bruschetta Chicken with rice and frozen veggies

25.  Lentil Soup (YUM!) with no knead bread and salad

26.  Dinner out for Little Cake’s 4th (HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE????)  birthday

27.  Taco Casserole (Weight Watchers Recipe, it’s the best!)

28.  Friday Fun Night:  Pasta in Marinara Sauce

29.  BBQ Chicken wraps with celery sticks (Nay’s new favourite snack)

30.  Taco Night

31.  Homemade Pizza


As I’m writing this, I of course remember that DAMN I got a new cookbook for Christmas from S. Geek!

So many wonderful things have come from the New York Times, I make their No Knead bread at least once a month, they have a killer chocolate chip cookie recipe and my favourite whole wheat muffin recipe is from here.  I haven’t even cracked the spine yet so I think I’ll go do that.



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