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Another One of my Awesome Sewing Patterns

January 18, 2011

I know, I know, I know.  After my first backpack pattern I posted about in December took off into the awesomeness of the internets you thought I might be done.  But no, I have WAY more in the awesome Jenn sewing pattern department.  One I’m going to show you today, lucky you!


Can you guess what it is? Can you, can you?

Do you love my straight lines?  Ha!  I actually bought myself a ruler at Christmas time, and I’ve actually been using it!  So, can you guess what it is?


Here's it all cut out, even a semi-rectangular rectangle!

I took a learn to sew class last year and my teacher suggested that if I want to make my own patterns for stuff I should use old wrinkly wrapping paper that I didn’t like anymore.  Best suggestion EVER.  I’ve had this wedding wrap for ages and I usually like to give cash as gifts so it wasn’t going to go anywhere soon.  This was a great way to repurpose it since this pattern is now nicely folded and tucked away for the next time I feel the urge to make…A Camera Strap Cover!


I know it's a pretty dull colour for moi but it was a gift for my photog father!

It was a pretty easy idea really.  I went to Henry’s and picked out the cushiest camera strap I could find and then measured the sides and ends and then put together my ‘pattern.’  I left a little opening so that the strap could be slid in and out at my Dad’s convenience as well.  I put in a pocket on both sides for SD cards or extra battery or whatever.


Handy-dandy pockets!

I put my lens cap in there, because I am forever putting it down places I shouldn’t or putting it in my pocket and getting it covered in lint or something.  Pocket right on the strap means no lost lens caps!

I was about to say, how about putting a note card with a pencil on there so you can record your aperture settings…but…ummmmm fancy camera’s do that for you.  Wow…totally felt that…remember regular SLR cameras?  Before digital?  Weird.

Ha!  Anyway, sometime in the future I’ll be making one of these for my own camera to save my lens cap and all that.  Geez, and can you see the difference between the quality of these photos which I took in December before the T2i?  Wow, I love my new camera.




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  1. Vanilla Bean Baker permalink
    January 19, 2011 5:02 am

    Your Dad is going to love what you did for him. Great job.

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