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February 14, 2011

So the other day my idiot lovely brother was complaining on facebook that when he comes home from work his feed is littered with posts from all the SAHM’s he knows.  He said something to the effect that we should be raising our kids instead of playing on facebook.  It’s true, I facebook a lot.  I have close friends in Winnipeg, Edmonton, some town in Newfoundland and damn it I want to hear how their day is going!  I post my blog entries on fb, I post anything I’m selling on fb, I try to offer encouragement to other mamma’s out there who even though they are geographically close to me I can’t get to them that day week or month for that matter.


All that being said, I werk my ass off ALL. DAY. LONG.  Seriously, every minute of my day is scheduled.  I’m pretty lucky in that my husband works from home so he sees all that I accomplish every day and he’s extremely appreciative of what I do.  But I know that not everyone has that sort of insight into the day in the life of a SAHM (in case I’ve got any of the non informed SAHM is Stay At Home Mom.)  So here, let me enlighten you you horribly ignorant when it comes to woman brother and in case you think that I’m embellishing here let me tell you that if I was indeed blowing smoke up your ass that S. Geek would be bringing out the truth.  My philosophy when it comes to being here every day with the kids is that if S. Geek is going to work hard to provide for us financially, the least I can do is work just as hard to make sure our home is nice, our food is healthy, and our kids are raised to be polite, kind, and happy.


7:30am ~ Wake up, take a shower, get dressed + makeup, put out dog, feed dog, grab paper.


8:15 ~ Wake Cake, get her in the bathroom, vitamins, help her get dressed (though she is definitely more independent here)


8:20 ~ Wake Nay, get him changed, dressed and vitamins.


8:30 ~ Breakfast: kids get to choose from either cold cereal, oatmeal, or toast.  They get a fruit or a yogurt and a glass of juice.  This is the only meal of the day where I give them an option.  As soon as I can trust Cake not to spill everything all over the counter she will be responsible for getting her own breakfast.  Hopefully this is soon.


9:00 ~ My kids are slow eaters so while they are finishing eating I empty the dishwasher and make coffee.  Then take a look at the menu plan for the day and see if I need to take anything out of the freezer to defrost.  I also take a look at my weekly plan to see what tasks I have for the day and if I’ll have time to fit in any extra items.


9:20 ~ Three days out of the week I get the kids dressed to go to playgroup/preschool/gymnastics but two glorious days of the week I get to stay home with them.  I probably won’t grumble about this as much when I don’t have to deal with snowpants/hats/mittens/scarves.  If we do stay home the kids play in the family room while I have my coffee and check facebook/email/reader/wordpress.  While I do this, I read the kids Toy Story 3 about one hundred million times, scattered with a few games of hot wheels or barbie.  I also change diapers, help out Cake in the bathroom, wipe noses, whatever else the kids ask of me.  Also, start a load of laundry for the day.


10:15 ~ Snack time.  Usually I give them a small bit of fruit like grapes or kiwi with a couple of crackers.  Not too fancy, just the way I like it.  They also get a cup of water.  While they eat their snack they are allowed to watch a show on the apple tv.  While they are eating and watching I go ahead and complete task number one for the day.  Monday’s I update our budget, Tuesday’s I collect the garbage and change the kitty litter, Wednesday’s I brush the cat and dog and wrangle the cat so I can clip her nails, Thursday’s I clean the mats at the doors and the boot racks, Friday’s I scrub the sinks and give the cupboards in the kitchen a wiping.


11am ~ kids have usually lost interest in t.v. by now so I turn on the music channel and we can either do a craft or play with playdoh.  Given the choice nine times out of ten we do a craft.  My bestie Rob made the kids craft boxes for Christmas this year which we are very nearly done so it’s usually something out of this box that is done.  Cake is pretty well okay to do hers without help but Nay still needs help controlling the glue.  Don’t forget to throw the laundry in the dryer, and if it’s been a messy day throw on a second load.


11:45 ~ Clean up after craft and make lunch.  Again, I’m not a big doer of lunches.  Grilled cheese/peanut butter/deli meat with soup or whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce/cheese.  I usually put out a tray of celery, carrots and sugar snap peas with some ranch dressing and the kids can have at it.  S. Geek usually gets leftovers for lunch.  My kids are S_L_O_W eaters so when I’ve finished my lunch I clean the kitchen up, give it a good sweep and then get the kids cleaned up.


1pm ~ We go down to the playroom in the basement where the kids can choose an activity like puzzles, or the train table or the kitchen.  Up until very recently I would have to be involved in their play in the basement too but now I’ve been able to bring down any laundry I have and start folding it while the kids play.  There’s more diapers to change, more noses to wipe, and fights to dismantle.


1:45 ~ Bring Nay up for his naptime.  Change his diaper, give him a quick cuddle and then he goes down.


2pm ~ For the next hour Cake has her ‘Cake Time’  She can go in her room and quietly play, she can choose to play some games on the ipad, she can basically do anything she likes as long as she doesn’t require my supervision.  I think this is her favourite time of the day.  While Cake is having her time, I complete the cleaning jobs.  Monday I clean the bathrooms, Tuesday I dust, Wednesday I clean the basement, Thursday I mop sweep and mop the floors, Friday I clean the bedrooms, change the sheets and wash all the towels.


3pm ~ Cake’s snack time.  She likes popcorn, or trail mix.  She’s not usually a muffin eater but every so often if I’ve got fresh ones she’ll go for a muffin.  Again, she’s allowed to have a show while she eats her snack.  I’ll usually sit down with her at this point and have a cup of tea.


3:30 ~ Misc task time, these are the things that change every week.  Write a thank-you card, send an email, clean the baseboards.  As the week progresses if I see something that needs to be done, say like cleaning the cutlery drawer I’ll write it on my weekly list so that I can allot time for it next week.  I always have more things that need to be done than time for doing them.


4pm ~ Wake Nay up, he doesn’t wake up well.  I usually spend the next thirty minutes hugging him.


4:30 ~ Detach Nay from my chest, hope he doesn’t cry.  If he doesn’t, I start dinner.  If he does, then I hug him for another fifteen minutes.


5:15 ~ Dinner on the table (hopefully)


6pm ~ My blessed husband takes the kids either to the basement or into the backyard to play so that I can give the kitchen a good cleaning, take out the garbage and put away all the laundry I’ve folded throughout the day.


7:30 ~ Take the kids upstairs to get ready for bed.  S. Geek usually does work during this time so I get the kids teeth brushed, cleaned up, jammies, read two books each then we call S. Geek for songs and tuck in.


8pm ~ Kids are in bed, check my facebook/email/reader/wordpress.


8:30 ~ Here’s where I have some choices of what I do.  I will exercise, blog, sew, complete extra tasks on my to-do like finish editing those baptism photos from LAST MONTH. Very, VERY seldom will I veg out on the couch.  Like once a month, maybe.


10:30 ~ Head upstairs to get ready for bed myself.  I always stay up to watch the evening news at eleven, but am always in bed gearing down my mind to fall asleep.


There, there’s a very typical day.  The days where we have preschool/playgroup/gymnastics all the same tasks have to be completed it just means that I have less time to do it.  So that means if something doesn’t get done during the day I do it at night when the kids go to bed.  I take my ‘job’ very seriously, and as I said before that S. Geek works extremely hard so I don’t see the problem with me working just as hard.


So, dear, dear brother of mine.  Please don’t ever complain about SAHM’s again on your facebook or I will be forced to with hold the bacon brownies from now on.




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  1. Robynn permalink
    February 14, 2011 12:42 pm

    I worked at a very intense job with a lot of overtime hours before I had Will and Cam and let me tell you it doesn’t even compare to being a stay at home mom!

    Jenn, you are an amazing mom who runs her household extrordinarily well and don’t ever let anybody ever tell you differently. Thank you for such a great post.

  2. Rachel permalink
    February 14, 2011 8:17 pm

    I am not sure if I am considered a SAHM, because I work from home. I work hard, to take care of my child and others. I love the ideas of weekly tasks, daily tasks and the odd tasks. You go girl!

  3. Vanilla Bean Baker permalink
    February 14, 2011 10:49 pm

    Hope your brother apologizes to you 😉

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