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Being Confronted with your own Geekiness

February 25, 2011

I’ve spent the last 30 29 years trying to convince myself I wasn’t a geek.  However something happened which will no longer allow me to avoid the label.

I was at the toy store looking for some Spider Man toys to decorate my nephew’s fifth birthday cake and was totally NOT trying to convince Nay that he should dump the lame hot wheels car he had swiped and choose this awesome Storm Trooper ‘look he has a gun Nay!’ Aaaaanyway, another mom and her son who was maybe 5 himself were looking at the Star Wars action figures beside the Spider Man displays.  The son picked up a box and said ‘who’s this Mom?’ and the Mom picked up the box and said oh he’s Senator Pal—pal—palotine.  And then I cleverly said ‘It’s Palpatine, and he’s the Supreme Chancellor of the republic and later turns into the Emperor of the galactic empire.’


The mom gave me a look of ooooooooooooohkay…and then ushered her little son away from the toys and the big Star Wars geek.  And by the way, Nay wouldn’t go for the Storm Trooper so we left it and the hot wheels on the shelf and instead got some cool spider man swag.


Happy Friday!



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