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Oops Almost Forgot to Give this a Title

February 28, 2011

I was going to get a weight loss update up for today but didn’t get a chance to do my measurements since I slept in crazy late and Nay was yelling in his crib by the time I woke up.  So, I just wanted to share a bit about what I churned out in the past week or so…


chirp chirp chirp, this birdie says spring is right around the corner!

My bestie had her birthday a few weeks ago and I made this as part of her gift.  It’s a birdie pincushion, j’adore…seriously…I was thinking of making a whole bunch of these and stringing them up somewhere.  You can’t really see the fabric on the belly of the bird but it’s super adorable and very retro looking.


Sssssssssss slimy slithery snakes!

Singed my fingertips with my gluegun making snakes out of some repurposed neckties. No ‘pattern’ needed, just open up the tie and stuff it with batting.  Then hot glue it closed and add a tongue and some eyes.  I have several more ties leftover in my stash and have been thinking about making a skirt for Cake out of them…or some sort of runner for my dining room table.


skittery skat tap! tap! tap!

Made my nephew a bowtie from HERE unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to tie it for him and no one else knew how to do it.  But there’s loads of good instructions on the internets.  My nephew celebrated his fifth birthday without me on the weekend because after I gave birth to Nay my body stopped functioning in a reasonable manner and I can no longer do normal things like be healthy I was sick.  I have requested that my SIL wrangle her five year old and take a picture of his adorableness for me.  This bowtie is super easy and took me about thirty minutes to do start to finish while helping Cake with her embroidery at the same time.  I will be making some of these for Nay in a few weeks when I take the kids to do their Easter portraits…heck, I may even make a pink one for Cake to wear with her school uniforms!!


Speaking of my nephew’s birthday…


taken on my iphone at about 11pm

He requested from his Aunt Jenn a spiderman cake for his party.  This cake was DELICIOUS!  It was the Devil’s Food Cake out of my new favourite cookbook The New York Times Cookbook.  I find a lot of chocolate cake recipes taste more like sugar than anything else but this cake had a beautiful chocolate flavour to it and wasn’t too dense or heavy.  I made a lemon cream cheese buttercream to frost it and may have replaced my old go to recipe for buttercream!  Seriously, the frosting was so…melodious and perfectly suited the devils food cake.  I think it’s love.  My nephew was apparently quite pleased with the spiderman cake and sat looking at it for twenty minutes after the cake arrived.


One last thing has been occupying my time…


Just call him ConeDog.

My poor ‘little’ Pawter has injured his paw AGAIN.  Almost exactly a year ago Pawter broke off a claw in his foot.  He was in a lot of pain and narrowly avoided surgery to remove the claw (it fell out on it’s own.)  Well, one morning this week my poor guy woke up with a really sore paw and then within hours it had swollen up to the size of a baseball!  I freaked out and called our awesome vet in a panic and they agreed to see us that day.  I brought him in and they couldn’t figure out why this was happening to him on the exact same foot as last year.  Of course, since then he has been really sensitive about his feet and he wouldn’t really let the vet get a good look.  She gave us some antibiotics and anti inflammatory pills which has resulted in a dog with a bloody paw walking all over my house helped with the swelling.  He was really going crazy with licking it so I was forced to wrestle him into this horribly humiliating cone.  I can see his shame in his eyes.  What’s worse is that since he is a Corgi dog he is very very low to the ground so the cone keeps getting caught on things when he walks!  Oh…it’s so funny pathetic!  We’ve got a follow up in a few days to try and figure out what’s happening so please keep your fingers crossed for my Pawter.








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  1. Shannon permalink
    February 28, 2011 12:08 pm

    Thanks again Jenn!! The cake was scrumptious!! We were lucky T let us cut the cake as he admired it for 20 mins. 🙂 never saw a kid so in love with his cake. Your original gifts are always a hit. Will fig out how to tie the biwtie and send you the pic.

  2. February 28, 2011 3:18 pm

    You’ve been busy! Love the pincushion and the neck-tie snakes. Too cute. Your nephew must have been blown away by his bday cake. Last year we had to put a cone on our dog as he injured his back paw. I have a picture of him in it as well, looking more frightened than humiliated though. When we first put the cone on him he just stood there, wouldn’t move at all for the longest time. Hope your dog’s paw heals up soon.


  1. Spiderman cake | UrMusicVids

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