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Vacation Wind Up

March 18, 2011

This was not my first trip to Smuggler’s Notch Resort but so far it is my favourite!  The weather was spectacular, and by spectacular I mean we had loads of snow. and I mean LOADS!  I think the biggest snow day was 30 inches…inches!  It was absolutely insane!!  Now, I’m not much of a skier but even I could appreciate the beauty of the hill after all that snow!

We had loads of fun this year and really for the first time used some of the amenities at the resort.  Cake took three days of ski lessons and enjoyed it so much.  Her teacher said that she was a complete natural and that she could turn and slow down very well.  She even went on the big chair lift halfway up the mountain and skied all the way down.  That’s farther than I’ve been.  But in my defence I broke my leg skiing when I was younger and have been a bit afraid of it ever since. The ski program for her was perfect, they were out on the hill until 2:30 every day and then went back to the lodge for some sort of entertainment.  One day it was a magic show, another was a pirate show and another day I believe they watched a movie.  The only thing that I’d like to see improved for next year was the kids GPS trackers.  I’d love to see a real time GPS coordination on the kids to see when they’re on the mountain and when they’re in the lodge rather than just a recap at the end of the day.  Don’t really know how feasible this is, but still it’d be pretty darn cool.

Nay who is technically old enough to start skiing instead went to the daycare.  Now…I have a bit of a beef with this daycare because of my previous experiences plus I think that it is WAY WAY WAY too expensive.  But, he enjoyed it and I’m glad we sent him.  My problem with them last year was that they had a horrible menu for the kids and they lost Nay’s mittens twice last year.  This time I checked in advance what they were actually serving and made sure that we kept track of all of Nay’s stuff.  He really seemed to like it there and they did a lot of activities with the kids so he was worn out by day’s end.  I’ll go again next year, but I’ll still grumble about the price.

S. Geek and I got to spend more time together than we have in…months…years?  Who knows, but it was so nice.  We drank coffee, we walked, I even got him to come out for one whole hour and look at a local antique shop.  Miracle people, bloody miracle.  Here’s a few of my favourite things I found:


antique camera, I have a few of these already stashed in a box somewhere so I didn't add to my collection.


Pineapple tea kettle?!? Awesome!!


Antique glass in a window, so pretty pretty pretty!

This barn was totally uninsulated, and there was actually snow covering some corners of the third level.  I was freezing my tush off by the time we were done!!


This was the day after the snow actually…

We had a tractor dig us out as well as two of the staffers who scrounged up some shovels and pushed us out of the spot.  Seriously.  So. Much. Snow.  The most snow I’ve ever seen there.  Some years we come and it is all slush and no jacket weather.  This year, it was amazing!!  Buuut because of the precipitation I didn’t get a whole lot of photo taking opportunity.  Compounded by the fact that every millisecond of the day was spent going here there and everywhere I got ummmmm no very little time to myself.  That’s okay though because I still had a great time!


We did get out for a day of shopping and picked up a couple of bag full’s  at the outlet mall.  I also stopped by the Walmart since I like to buy fabric in the States where it’s cheaper but, unbeknownst to me, Walmart doesn’t carry fabric anymore?!?!  I always sort of hated going to the Walmart in Williston anyway as I found it dirty and the cashiers were crabby but I went for the fabric.  Now, I’m never going to bother going back since not only was it dirty and the people rude, but the shelves were almost bare so I won’t bother in the future.


We spent a LOT of time in the ‘Funzone’ at the resort.  It’s basically a HUGE pavilion filled with bouncy houses and those inflatable slides and rock climbing thingy’s.  Pure child heaven.  It was great going there because they have a sectioned off area for little kids where I didn’t worry about the kids getting trampled by 12 year old boys.  Unfortunately some clueless worker told Cake that she was allowed in the ‘big kids area’ while completely ignoring me waving my arms and crossing them trying to tell her that I didn’t want my little four year old navigating those huge things while holding back my two year old who was so obviously not big enough to go on the big castle.  Nay wanted to be where Cake was, and she wanted to go on the more challenging castles and so ensued the battles.  Luckily that happened towards the end of our trip so we were able to do other things instead of going back to the funzone.


I wish I had some of the photos of Cake in her ski equipment but S. Geek has all the files and he’s still away on his trip.


I’m very happy to be home now, back in my comfort zone.  I’ve been quite busy this week preparing for St. Paddy’s and keeping the kids entertained.  The weather has been amazing and so nice.  We’ve traded ski gloves for opened up jackets and heavy winter boots for rubber boots (or in my house they are called squishy boots.)  We’ve walked almost every day this week, taking a leisurely time while Pawter dog sniffed and dawdled.  Now I just need the snow to recede a little bit and I’m good.


So starts the hunt for a new spring coat!!




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  1. Shannon permalink
    March 18, 2011 6:47 pm

    I have to agree this was the best vaca for us as well. So much fun!! Tristan was up to the top of the hill by his 2nd day in class and really wanted to ski again today. Xavier loved treasures. JP and I loved Ziplining, snowshoeing, skiing and swimming. Oh yes and we all know JP LOVES to shop so yes we did some shopping at Essex (thank you for the coupons btw) and Burlington. Most days were sunny here and the conditions amazing!! Tristan is determined that we are NOT leaving tomorrow. What a kid! 2 days of him telling me he can’t ski to being an AMAZING skier.

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