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My Top Ten Kitchen Necessities

March 24, 2011

I spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen.  I spend even more time thinking about doing things in the kitchen.  I think about recipes, I think about things I want and things I’ve acquired for my kitchen that I want to utilize more like my individual pineapple upsidedown cake pan.  There are some things that I use on a very regular basis though that I absolutely couldn’t live without and that I highly recommend.

Oh the microplane!  I got this baby for Christmas from S. Geek and it has changed my life!  Garlic, lemon/lime rind, parmesan cheese!  So simple and so fast to use, no more grated knuckles and it all drops into a handy little tray.  So love this!!


A good sharp knife is indispensable.  I love this knife even though it wasn’t the most expensive one available.  I use this knife nearly every day for various jobs.  I recently bought a sharpener for it too so that it would always be in pristine condition.  It’s hard to say which I use more, but a good paring knife is also pretty important.

Also, I have a no frills juicer.  It fits easily in a drawer and has a nice cushy grip on it which means that when I’m juicing multiple lemons for lemonaide then I don’t get a cramp in my hand!  I use fresh lemon and lime a lot so this tool is another inexpensive necessity.


I used to never be able to have flowers or plants in the house because my old cat Tigger would eat them.  And tip them over.  And dig in the dirt.  Tigger moved to my brother’s house a few years ago and then since I’ve been able to add flowers back into my house.  I love them, I find that they lighten up the house.  The blooms inspire me, and make me happy.  A happy cook is an inspired one!!


I pared down my cookbook collection about 6 months ago by more than half.  This is what I’m left with and I use pretty much all of them.  My favourite right now is the NYT Cookbook, the recipes are so wonderful and pretty much perfect as is.  The Betty Crocker book was great when I was first learning how to cook.  It had basic recipes for easy meals that taught me how to incorporate ingredients.  Even now I refer to this book when I need a base for something that I’m not too sure about.


Coffee.  Nuff said.

Induction cooktop with a convection oven.  Not only have my gas bills gone down but my electricity bill has stayed the same!  I love that this oven is efficient and of course it doesn’t take me ten minutes to boil a pot of water.  I will never own another gas stove again.  The smooth top is easy to clean and most of the time wipes clean with only a damp cloth.  The oven has a huge capacity, I had a turkey in there once with a pan of buns…!!!!  It does have a warming drawer on the bottom and to be honest I would have preferred that to be storage but C’est la vie!


My helper.  She loves to cook, well she loves to bake I should say.  She can list off the ingredients for a cake like anybody’s business and I’m so proud of her for that.  I love that now that she’s older I can teach her how to crack the eggs, and be careful while sifting so that she doesn’t get flour everywhere.  She’s my best kitchen buddy ever.


My cast iron dutch oven.  During the summer months it doesn’t get a whole lot of action but in the fall and winter it houses stews and pot roasts and soups.  I love this pot.  It is perfect.  I wanted a dutch oven forever but they can get pretty expensive so I held off for a long time.  When one finally came on sale, S. Geek convinced me to get it and I’m so happy with it.  I’ve been waiting for the next size up to go on sale so that I can give mine a friend.


Ah the kitchenaid stand mixer!  I’ve had mine for ten or eleven years now and it is my dough mixer, my egg beater, my most prized kitchen possession.  When I first got it, it was just S. Geek and I and now that we’re a family of four I often covet a bigger bowl but I manage to make due just fine.  The motor is still powerful, the prongs on the whisk still stiff after all these years and countless uses.  No kitchen is complete without one!


What about you, what’s your favourite kitchen item?




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