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When Using Free Speech Can Cost Too Much

March 28, 2011

OK STOP!!!  If you have a problem with a bit of foul language then you have my permission to go ahead and not read my post for today.   We will not be talking about sewing today.  And please, any commentors should be respectful.  I moderate my comments and will not publish any that I deem to be offensive or that don’t contribute to the ‘discussion.’   My blog, my rules.



Erm…I’m a blogger.  I write about my opinions, a lot.  I know a lot of my readers are American’s so I’m not totally sure on what the rules are down there South of the Border I only know what I have learned on Law and Order… but here in my favourite place on the planet: Canada we have a little something called the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  It basically enables us fundamental, democratic, mobility, language (Parlez vous francais?), equality and legal rights as citizens.  I have in the past exercised my rights but mostly as a blogger and photographer I believe that the fundamental rights to free thought, free speech, and freedom of association are most important to me.  I believe as a photographer that if I am out in public that I should have the right to take a picture of something and post it for the world to see.  As I am already in a public place, this right is guaranteed to me.  I have been challenged in the past on this and have been protected by that awesome charter of ours.  As a blogger, I exercise my right to free speech pretty much daily.  I write about things that important to me (UBB, Kindness Week, Tylenol Use) and sometimes I write about the fluff (too many links to post) too because that is what makes up my awesome life!  I think that everyone as a citizen should know that freedom of speech is important, that without it we would end up like so many countries right now in the Middle East fighting and dying for their rights.

Still with me?  Good!  So today, while checking good old fb I read a status update from one of S. Geek’s cousins about fat people bashing.  This guy was saying that his right to free speech dictates that he can hate on the obese.  Well uh, actually it’s not free speech, you’re just being an asshole.  Here was my fb reply:

I’m tired of people being public assholes and hiding behind their rights to free speech. Why use and tarnish free speech by using it to spout hate and cruel words when you can use it for something far far greater?
Well holy flying trolls did I ever get a response!!!  (I’m not going to post names here to protect everyone’s rights to privacy)
“I don’t think I’m “tarnishing” freedom of speech when I’m simply exercising my rights as a Canadian citizen to express my opinions without breaking any rules. I don’t see how I’m contributing to the Obesity epidemic by raising awareness and pointing out people’s ignorance.’  
Above was written by the original poster, I’m sorry but I stand firm.  You’re not exercising free speech…only being an ass.  Pointing out people’s problem with their weight has NOTHING to do with empowering them.  There are SO so so many reasons that people have problems with their weight and it almost always has nothing to do with the fact that they love big macs.  But really, I actually kind of agree with you on your point about caloric intake.  I myself don’t believe that fad diets, fancy/expensive pills, and programs work.  I know exactly how many calories I ingest in a day and how many I sweat out on the treadmill five times a week.
It’s this next guy that makes me shake my head.  He’s a good little troll.  But he needs to learn how to use paragraphs, yikes!
I will make your font green because trolls like green.
“To me it sounds like you want someone to come in and tell us what we can and cannot say. do you not feel like you have enough restrictions with out having a tome of “do’s and don’ts for speaking in a free country”. Also what we call a free country is an epic joke but thats a whole different document. you’re just as bad as the anti-smoking jerk-offs plastering their new red white and black logo all over everything like it’s their God given right.”
I’m not sure why you read so deeply into my comment but I’m going to go ahead and reply because you wrote the longest fb status comment I have ever seen and you deserve a bit of goodness for that.  I do believe that people should have the right to say and think what they want…JUST STOP BEING SUCH A DICKHEAD WHILE YOU DO IT!!!!  Seriously, do people not have any manners anymore?  Do they think that they can just spit on and abuse every right we have and then expect it to be there when we need it?  By hiding behind the banner of free speech for such useless things as fat bashing you are painting it on the same board as situations that really do require it, like the freedom the press have to publish the details of what our government is and isn’t able to do since is dissolution.  Canadians stepped up to the plate and did what needed to be done to squash the UBB debacle, people talked and wrote articles and posted blog entries and reddit was crazy for weeks about it I’m sure the Americans were all ‘what the what??? This is the type of thing that free speech should be used for.
So green troll goes on to talk about his right to smoke for a bit (I have no idea what this red, white, and black logo thing is as I live in a different city) but further down in his longest comment in the history of fb he goes on:
In the little fantacy (sic) world you want that could never happen. No one could share new idea’s for fear it might offened someone and no one could agrue even if they did because they might hurt the feelings of the person with the idea. Debate is also part of “brain storming” which has been one of the greatest methods for advancement in all walks of life and what you are doing is atempting to stomp it all out. So f**k you, and the magical rainbow unicorn you rode in on! If things go your way we would all be a bunch of Chatty-Cathy Dolls with preaproved preprogramed phrase’s just yanking on each others strings all day.
“Hi, Im Chatty-Chaty!”
“Hi, Im Chatty-Chaty!”
“Hi, Im Chatty-Chaty!”
“Hi, Im Chatty-Chaty!”
“Hi, Im Chatty-Chaty!”
So how is fat bashing a ‘new idea’ first of all?  And this world where people don’t offend on purpose…it’s called grown up land.  You go there when you get old.  It’s nice, we have taxes and stuff but you don’t have to worry about co-workers or mailmen making you feel like crap because they know how to use their manners.
Oh and by the way, I didn’t ride a unicorn here.  I rode a fucking narwhal because I’m that fucking awesome.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. S.Geek permalink
    March 28, 2011 2:46 am

    I think the point is that Free Speech has nothing to do with it.

    In other-words, it is just an aside, if they want to be an ASS they are entitled to be so, but it has little to do with free speech (other than they can say it out loud). This is really about not being an ASS to your fellow human beings.


  2. March 28, 2011 4:11 am

    In an attempt to *point out other people’s ignorance*, this guy (your SGeek’s cousin?) served only to highlight his own.

  3. Rachel permalink
    March 28, 2011 1:27 pm

    First of all *this makes me miss you incredibably* I love your passion and love for all people.

    And you should congratulate S. Geek’s cousin for showing the @$$ crack in the middle of his face. 😀

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