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Running Shoe Haiku

April 12, 2011

These make me cry.

old raw running shoes

past your prime time is over

springing in new life

look they are purple and pink!

So I needed new shoes to run in.  Like seriously.  I was hobbling after an hour on the treadmill every night and each morning I was dreading putting my feet on the floor for the initial step out of bed because my feet hurt so much.  S. Geek listened to me complain for a few weeks until he’d had enough of my whining.  I’m not sure why I carry such guilt for purchasing anything for myself it’s just that I spent over $100 on those shoes…in 2004.  Ha!  I’m horrible, just this winter I found a picture of me wearing the same ski jacket I wore this year…the picture was taken in 2001.  But I digress, the shoes, they are done.  The outside wasn’t too bad some wear on the sides and toes but it was the inside that was destroyed.  Errant pieces of leather and mesh sticking into uncomfortable crevices, lumps in the insole and the wearing down of the padding around the heel was the worst.  So armed with a coupon I found in the newspaper off I went in search of a new running shoe.


I was hoping to get some help when I got to the store but they were crazy busy and I really had little patience so I just started trying on as many as I could find.  I still have no idea what the difference is between ‘running’ ‘cross training’ and ‘walking’ but I chose a pair of cross trainers by new balance because they are lightweight, have breathable fabric, and had lost of squish around the heel.  So far I’ve just worn them around the house to work them in for a bit but they are super comfortable and I think we’re going to be great friends.  The treadmill and I however, we’re not buddies yet but I guess we have a working relationship.




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  1. April 12, 2011 1:38 pm

    Nice shoes…run like the wind 🙂

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