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Scary the Robot Pants

April 21, 2011

I made some more pants.  This time I actually made a pair for my own son.  Weird, I know!  Poor Nay, I’ve sewn things for every kid I know except for him!  In my defense I did try and sew him a pair of pants months ago in this adorable clown patterned fabric but he took one look at them and ran away screaming about how scary they were.  Okay I thought, clowns can be kinda weird I’ll give these two identical pairs of pants to my nephew X, who incidentally LOVES THEM!

Months pass, and I still haven’t made a single stitch in the name of Nay.  So while S. Geek was away this week I decided that I’d put some more of those donated mens dress shirts to good use and make up a few pairs of pj pants.  I opened up my baskets to get Nay to choose two shirts and he vetoed every one.  So I opened up the rest of my fabric and pulled out every possible choice, he chose a flannel robot print.  I did choose to make a pair of pj pants from the dress shirts as well though for my other nephew Oliver but I likely won’t see him for another week at least to get him to try them on.

This time, instead of using my made up pattern for pants I used a pattern from Making Children’s Clothes by Emma Hardy.  I didn’t do them exactly like hers in that I didn’t put a fancy trim on the bottom but I still used her pattern and followed her clear and concise instructions.  I’m planning on making a couple of pairs for Cake in the coming weeks and I’ll do the trim for her since she’ll actually appreciate it.  The patterns only go up to a size 5 though so I’m going to try enlarging it to make some pants for another nephew in a size 7.  I don’t think it’ll be too difficult, I only want to measure his waist to make sure I don’t make it too big.  In Emma’s book, she said to cut the waist elastic at 22 inches for a size 2-3.  I did this but cut off about 2.5 inches so that it would fit a bit more snuggly, and I’m glad I did because they were still on the loose side when I tried them on Nay.

This leads me to the title of the post.  When Nay woke up in the morning on the wrong side of the bed, as usual I proudly danced into his bedroom robot pants in hand ready for him to shower me with love.  ‘Don’t want them, too scary!’  That was his response.  He wouldn’t even try them on to see if they would fit.  My boy has some serious issues with change.  He’s been wearing the same pair of dark green flannel pj’s since October.  He loves them.  But, he has grown since then and his little ankles are no where near the cuff of the pants and his little round belly hangs out of the shirt so it’s time for the flannels to be put away.

All day I talked about the pj’s with him.  He was rather non committal about it all along and I wasn’t sure if I was going to win him over.  S. Geek called from the airport and I told Nay to tell Daddy about the pants that I made him.  All he said was ‘pants’ not even mentioning that they had robots.

I had started preparing myself for him not wanting them at bed time, my heart breaking just a little bit.  Bedtime comes, we brush teeth, put him in his pull up and I grabbed the pants without even saying a word.  I put them on without him realizing it, but then he looked down and noticed that his pants were touching his feet.  Displeasure.  I marched him out of his room, ‘c’mon buddy let’s go show Daddy your new pants!’  ‘Don’t like them!’  ‘Look Daddy, Nay has new pants!’  This was the end of the complaints.  He even ‘let’ me take a few shots of him quickly with my phone.

I know he isn’t the greatest pants model but he is pretty darn cute!  I also should mention that I made these late at night as I often do and ummm I apparently need to be more careful when I’m cutting my fabric because I cut the pattern upside down again!  Ha!  Last week it was the apron and this week it’s the pants.  How sad of me!  He doesn’t seem to care so far.



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