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Another Federal Election

May 3, 2011

Well, I’m locked to the tube watching the results coming in so I’m not going to write a regular post tonight.  I don’t typically discuss politics with my family and friends so I’m not even going to touch it here on the bloggy blog.  I can say that whether you vote blue, red, orange, or green it’s important for you to have a say.  I hope all my Canadian readers took their responsibility seriously and got out there in the rain to cast a vote.

I made a little trip out with the kiddies to go and cast our vote and let the kids help me with my ballot by folding it and Cake was even allowed to pop my vote into the ballot box.  I had an interesting time explaining to her who I was voting for and that they represented me but were part of a larger party and that party had a leader and that leader was the Prime Minister of Canada.  Late in 2010 we had a municipal election and I had a similar conversation about what our Mayor did.  She seemed to understand it but I think the real highlight for her was getting to use her princess umbrella on the walk to and from the school where I voted!

Alright the results are starting to come in now so I’m going to sign off for the night.  Good luck to all!



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