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gelukkig Bevrijdingsdag!!

May 5, 2011

I totally used google translate on that title.

It says Happy Liberation Day in Dutch.

As many of you know, I’m part Dutch and quite proud of it and today I’m going to be celebrating and wishing all of the Netherlands a happy liberation day!  Each year the Dutch celebrate May 5 to mark the end of the occupation of Nazi Germany during World War II.  They were liberated by Canadians double awesomeness points for me!  My Canadian grandfather was one of those who fought in Holland and little did he know at the time but he would be helping to free people who would eventually have a daughter that would marry one of his future sons who would have another daughter, ME!!!  Make sense?  Good!

I was in the Netherlands five years ago for Liberation Day, it was amazing.  The tulips were in bloom, there were flags on every house, and the towns were decorated to the nines.

Canada and the Netherlands have an excellent relationship.  In fact I read today that after the second world war so many Dutch immigrated to Canada that there are now over a million descendants!  It all really relates to January of 1943 when Princess Margriet of the Netherlands was born right here in Ottawa, Canada.  The Royal Family (not those UK ones) came to Canada to be safe from the Nazi’s and when Holland was finally free Princess Juliana gave Ottawa tulips to show her gratitude for our super awesome hospitality during the war.  And this is where the Canadian Tulip Festival got it’s start!  The tulip festival will be starting up this weekend so if you’re in the Ottawa area you should go check it out!

We, however will be doing our celebrations on the 5th.  I’ve got some yummy dutch treats from our local Dutch Grocer, some tulip crafts, and we’ll be making some flags to hang on the front window.

Of course all of that will have to wait until after I get back from Nay’s insanely long appointment with Cake’s ophthalmologist.  This is how old Cake was when her eye decided to stop working so I’m getting Nay tested.  I am not looking forward to it.  It’s early in the morning, the appointment is a L-O-N-G one, and there is no snacks allowed in the office which is like the number one way to relieve a tantrum when you’re two years old.  Sigh.  It must be done, but ugh how I wish S. Geek could take this one.  All I can say is that he’s going to have to do Nay’s dentist appointments because he owes me!!!



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  1. Vanilla Bean Baker permalink
    May 5, 2011 5:14 pm

    I don’t know how the Tulip Festival in Ottawa is going to go this year. The poor tulips working so hard to bloom throughout such a horrid Spring!

    • May 5, 2011 5:27 pm

      I heard that they’re hoping the blooms will come out next week? I’m going to wait for at least a week before we go since I’m dying to get some pictures of the kids with all the tulips!

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