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2011 Perth Maple Festival

May 6, 2011

This past weekend, we enjoyed a beautiful day out in Perth, Ontario.  It’s about a 45 minute drive from Ottawa and despite the astronomical gas prices it’s worth it to go.  We usually show up around 10:30 but this year we arrived an hour earlier since we never have enough time to get in everything before children explode with tiredness.  It also resulted in prime parking.  Yay!  Ha!  The children’s area was so much fun this year since Nay could really participate and Cake was able to really communicate what she wanted and what she didn’t want and the biggest plus she was able to be patient enough to wait for Nay to do little kid stuff that she didn’t want to do without having a meltdown!  Awesome!  I love four year olds!

We started out on the pony rides, Cake didn’t even want me to hold on to her waist.  Nay was nervous at first but by the end of the second and final loop he was comfortable and happy.  We fed donkey’s and goats, we fished in a ‘pond’ for whales, we got to sit in police cars and climb all over a fire truck.  The kids got balloon animals, Cake got her face painted.  Nay wanted a spiderman face but I didn’t think he could sit through something so complicated so I vetoed that.  He was also super scared of the shriners because they were dressed up as clowns, reaffirming his fear of clowns.

We saw the firemen demonstrate how they take a car apart with all the saws and whatnot.  Nay enjoyed this thoroughly, Cake used her super girl patience and sat playing with her flower balloon during the demonstration.

The firemen really went all out, they had a huge station where you could get colouring books and stickers and all sorts of awesome stuff for the kids.  The police were also handing out story books on safety which this week has been read every night at bedtime as per Cake.

After all the fun of the kids area we went to our usual spot for lunch.  It’s a park, right off the street and it’s absolutely beautiful.  There are huge mature trees, the river runs through it, there are loads of picnic tables, and it’s super clean.  After the kids ate their lunch they were running around collecting pinecones and sticks to throw into the water.

We played here by the water for awhile and then our friends had to take their kids home for naps so we were able to peruse through the stands and stalls for some yummy maple treats and other associated goodness!  We picked up some maple syrup and candies, also some cotton candy as I believe it is part of my marriage contract.  I picked up a pair of rubber boots for myself since I had been shopping for a pair I liked for about three years now.  I saw them from afar and when I got there she luckily had my size left.  I knew it was fate.  We also stopped in to the Scotts and Irish store in Perth where I picked out my mother’s day gift.  Aaaaaaand left my camera on their countertop.

My master fisherman, he was hooking them up like nobody's business!

Now, I pride myself on being uber organized.  I NEVER lose things.  Ever.  I realized the camera was gone during the drive home.  I felt absolutely sick to my stomach.  HOW could I have lost it?  I tore apart my purse about 85 times.  When we got home S. Geek and I stripped the van but it wasn’t there.  I felt so guilty, absolutely the worst feeling ever.  It’s things like that, that keep me up at night since I’m such a worrier.  S. Geek had only given me that card a few weeks earlier, plus all of the pictures for the day were on there!  So angry with myself.  S. Geek pretended it was alright but I knew he was upset.  That made it worse.  This is when I reaffirmed my love of karma.  The only place I could think to try and call was the Irish store we stopped into.  So I called, and she remembered me and she had my camera AND her husband works in Ottawa and would bring the camera into work on Monday and I could just go pick it up!  Let me tell you, I was so happy I secretly cried in the bathroom so S. Geek wouldn’t make fun of me.  Just goes to show you that if you live a good life then life will be good to you.  I really believe that, every single word.

I loved going this year.  Cake and Nay carried their own snacks and drinks in their backpacks.  No strollers, no tears, no tantrums.  Aside from that pesky little camera incident it was a perfect day.  Can’t wait until next year!



Oh and in case anyone is wondering, Nay’s appointment with the ophthalmologist was great!  He was patient and let the Doctor examine him with no problems, the best part is that he has perfect vision.  As much as I love Cake in her trendy little frames, those things are expensive and I wasn’t looking forward to spending a couple hundred dollars for eyewear.  Woohoo!

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  1. May 6, 2011 3:19 pm

    We’ve lived in Perth for 3 years now and it’s the first year we missed the Festival. So glad the weather co-operated ’cause the week was cold and wet. Happy you got your camera, so nice of them to drop it off in Ottawa for you. Good folk live in this area LOL.
    Glad you all enjoyed yourself. I often take my granddaughters to that park. It is beautiful and there’s music in the bandstand in the summer. Such fun!

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