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Vitamin D

May 13, 2011

I know I’ve been absent on the old bloggy blog this week but I’ve been working my derriere off all week and to be honest nothing of much importance or incidence has happened!  I’ve cooked some nice meals and started to take some pictures of a pork roast I did but I only got two steps photographed out of like 8 so I abandoned that though the roast was fricken fantabulous so I’ll probably do it again eventually.

I’ve mostly been focused on our outdoor areas this week, weeding and raking and such.  We also got a huge dirt delivery which I’m about halfway done moving to our new garden box in the back yard.

It’s hard to tell how big this is but those stones on the side are 2X2 and it’s two stones wide and 8 long so yeah, it’s pretty big.  Cake was helping me move the dirt and it’s pretty close to being full but I’m thinking I have a few more hours worth of dirt moving in my future.  It’s supposed to rain all weekend here so hopefully I’ll get a couple of loads in today.  I’ve also been thinking of what annuals I’m going to plant this year.  Last year we lost a lot of them to ants so I’m going to do some more planters this year rather than planting in the ground.  I’ve also got some work to do on the deck, and a huge cedar tree to prune and shape.  Not such easy tasks with two and four year old helpers wandering around.  Ahhhh naptime, I hope you never leave my life.

I’m also finally ready to get started on my Dad’s request for a laptop bag.  I’m going to go to Fabricland hopefully I’ll actually be able to find a fabric that suits my needs and pick up my supplies and a couple of new sewing needles.  I usually go for projects that I can finish in a day or two but this one I foresee taking me much longer.  I’ve purchased an Amy Butler pattern and made a few mental notes about some possible changes as I go.  Really I’m just going to fly and see where I end up as I often do when I’m sitting at my sewing machine.

Well the backyardigans episode I’ve turned on to entertain the littles while I wrote this is just about over, better run!


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  1. May 13, 2011 12:58 pm

    The garden *box* looks great and will be so pretty when filled with plants and flowers. Good luck with the laptop bag although I know you’ll do a super job on it for your Dad!

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