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Happy Victoria Day!

May 23, 2011

Here in the awesomeness of Canada we celebrate the beginning of summer by having a super awesome long weekend!  It goes by many names it could be May two four, May long weekend, or officially Victoria Day.  Usually it’s when S. Geek and I open up our pool, and get our gardens in order.  We did have a little get together at my in laws place so I took the opportunity to whip up a little something in honour of the special day!

It has whipped cream and jam.

Oh, and two delicious layers of sponge cake.

Then just for the Queen, I added a bit of powdered sugar and some more whipping cream and jam.

It was super good.  Sinfully good, and it should be because it’s mostly sugar and butter.  You can’t go wrong with sugar and butter.

Here’s the original recipe but just in case you don’t want to go to the link the recipe follows.

Victoria Sponge Cake

1 cup butter, softened

1 cup  sugar

4 large eggs

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup all-purpose flour, sifted

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

Start our by greasing and lining with parchment paper two eight inch cake pans.

Beat the butter and sugar until light and airy, then one at a time add in the eggs and the vanilla.  Don’t overbeat it, just mixed until combined.

Sift together the flour, baking powder and salt.  Then mix the two, again only mix until combined.

Pour the batter into the cake pans and even it out with a spoon.

I baked in a preheated convection oven at 350 for twenty minutes and it came out perfectly.  Let the pans cool for ten minutes or so and then cool completely on wire racks.

Once it’s all cool, put down one of the cakes and top with some whipping cream and jam.  I used my homemade strawberry but I’m sure that any would taste delicious!!

My kitchen is a DISASTER behind this cake.  Oh, how horrible it was.  But I let things slide for a day inside so that we could spend the whole day outside since it was a nice sunny day.  I changed my tune pretty quickly however when S. Geek found two ants roaming around the kitchen floor though!

We’re back to rain tomorrow though, I keep telling myself that if all the rain comes now that means that summer will be nice and dry.  Right?



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  1. May 23, 2011 12:36 pm

    Looks delicious. Hope you continue to enjoy your long weekend.

  2. Shannon permalink
    May 23, 2011 1:01 pm

    Darn I missed out on a really YUMMY dessert. 😦

  3. May 24, 2011 6:43 pm

    What a wonderful blog you have. Great looking recipe. Nice pictures. Thanks for visiting our blog today. Hope you come back.

  4. May 27, 2011 3:23 am

    Wow, that looks yummy! Enjoy your holiday.


  5. May 27, 2011 3:45 pm

    I’ve never heard of Victoria Day! Hope you have a fab holiday! I found you from the Little Brick Ranch Linky. I hope you’ll swing by and share this beautiful baked creation on Momtrends too:

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