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Jelly Bean Math

May 26, 2011

Cake is my little academic.  She will be one of those girls that loves to do homework, she will be like me.  As long as I had sufficient space to spread out my text books, I never really minded doing homework.  She is loving learning about math right now.  S. Geek has been teaching her how to add and subtract in her head rather than using her fingers and she’s doing very well as long as we stay within the 1-10 numbers.  Math was never my thing, so I’ve never really been that big into those types of activities with the kids but since she’s been so keen and I noticed lately that when Nay counts he pretty much just says 1-2-3-2-1 BLAST OFF!  I thought it was time to introduce some counting and math games.

dark pic, sorry it was an afterthought and I didn't turn on my flash

I took two 12×12 sheets of cardstock and on Nay’s I made 8 sections and then numbered them.  On Cakes I sectioned it off and then wrote in numbers accompanied by a diagram some simple math problems.  Most of them were addition but there were two subtractions for her to do.  I kept all the numbers low as I didn’t want to make them too difficult for her and have her get discouraged.  It turns out she had no problems with the questions after I explained the concept.  The only question she counted it out for was 4+5, she did the rest in her head.  See mommy glow with pride.

Yo Mom, this is some easy stuff!

She put all her answers down in the forms of jelly beans each time exclaiming with pleasure the answer she had come up with.  It was a good thing that Cake had such an easy time with it because Nay was more concerned with his gigantic bowl of jelly beans and it was way more fun to sneak them rather than to count them.  I have to give him credit though, this activity took us 45 minutes and he didn’t flake out once.  He counted out, with a lot of help from me, all the way to eight and then we reviewed it three times.  He still threw in a ‘blast off’ every now and then but we got it done.

one for the page, one for me!

At the end, whilst munching on jelly’s he examined his work and said ‘that was hard work but these beans are delicious!’  I think he felt proud of himself, I certainly feel proud of him!  What I thought was quite interesting was that without any prompting he chose like colours for each number.  All reds or all blues, or what have you, he did that all on his own which I was impressed about.

His cousin Xavier taught him how to say cheese for the camera. Since then the quality of the Nay photos has greatly increased!

Also, on a side note.  Thought I’d share that my adorable little girlie has gotten her first marriage purposal.  A boy at her preschool wants to marry her, she said no though.  She said she doesn’t want to leave me and move out of our house EVER.  I told her she can still be friends with the little boy and when I take her next time I’m going to have to figure out who this little guy is so I can keep my eye on him!!!  Poor S. Geek, he was grumbling about it when he got back from Boston.  Not looking forward to when she’s 15 and begging us to go out on dates!



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