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Tea Party

June 3, 2011


I can remember as a child, growing up with two brothers I would set up my dolls and have tea parties at the dining room table.  I would fill the tea cups with kool-aid and serve saltine crackers with butter (even as a youngin’ I preferred salty treats.)  It was great fun, a bit on the quiet side but I was a quiet kid so it all worked out.  Today Cake asked if she could have a tea party since my parents are still staying with us.  I asked her what she wanted to serve as a treat and she chose sugar cookies with sprinkles and I gently suggested iced tea instead of normal tea since it’s finally getting  a little warmer.  She was quite pleased with herself.  Nana even had a special tea cup just for Cake to use.

Cake did invite a few ‘friends’ of hers.  Princess Peach came as well as her Lalaloopsy doll because her name is Sugar Cookie and since we were serving sugar cookies, you know, it just makes sense.  Nay was also quite happy to be graced with an invitation, anywhere with cookies is a good place to be.

Side Note: say goodbye to those locks because I’m calling the hair dresser tomorrow to make an appointment for him.  Sniff…it’s almost pool time and that’s when I said I would cut it.  I’m a woman of my word.

Anyway, we dug out the good china and displayed the cookies on a cake stand.  Cake even set the table with cloth napkins because it was a fancy tea.  She also changed her clothes, and thinking that I wasn’t going to let her told a ‘white lie’ and said her shirt had a little dirt on it so she should go upstairs and get a clean one.  I let her in on the fact that I knew her shirt was dirty but it was okay to wear a fancy dress because as the host you should always overdress not underdress.

Also you have to wear a fancy hat.  Cake chose a crown.  Nay wore his baseball hat for a few minutes but tossed it because he was suffering from sweaty toddler head.

My Mom told me a great way to make iced tea at home since I may have forgotten to buy mix when I was out running errands earlier. And it’s all with stuff you’d normally have around the kitchen anyway.  I brewed a pot of green tea using three tea bags and then let it cool completely.  Then I squeezed in one half a lemon and then cut the other half up into pieces and dropped it in the tea pot.  Let it sit for a few minutes and then let each tea drinker sweeten it to taste.  Delicious and by far better than the pre-made stuff you buy in the grocery store.

Oh the things we do with our kids!  Cake really had a good time though, she was dancing around afterwards though that may have been the two giant sugar cookies she had.

She wants to have another tea party when S. Geek gets home, but next time the kids will get milk in their tea cups!




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  1. June 3, 2011 8:15 pm

    This was a darling post, the kids look so delighted with their little party!

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