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Father’s Day Pictures

June 23, 2011

S. Geek is a great Dad, as a testament to that Cake planned him a really fun and great day on Sunday.  She’s been planning it for months really, even before mother’s day had come she had it in her adorable little head what she wanted to do.  She has a ‘secret drawer’ in one of my cabinets and in it you’ll find little scraps of paper with all of her ideas written on them.  Sometimes she’s got ideas for herself and sometimes for others.  If you ask her about her ideas for Grandma she’ll pull out a paper with ‘blue flowers’ written on it (because Grandma’s favourite colour is blue.)  Anyway for father’s day she had several ideas that needed to be put into play.  One: breakfast in bed.  Two:  picnic from the chip truck.  Three:  pictures for Daddy to put in his suitcase.

She also wanted to decorate the house in blue streamers and balloons but I said no to this telling her that we would decorate the house for Daddy’s birthday.

By far the best part of the day was the picnic for lunch.  We went to a nearby park and after paying a horribly large fee for parking scoped out a picnic table and laid out our fare.  Not long after some friendly seagulls decided to join us.  This was terribly thrilling for Nay, as of Grandad’s most recent visit, Nay is obsessed with seagulls and it is one of his favourite games.  We threw french fries at the seagulls, Nay even threw them his cookie!

He chased them all over the park, he was pretty happy.  He tried making a ‘hawk’ with his hand but the seagulls weren’t impressed and only wanted him for his discarded french fries.  It was pretty hilarious.  Nay is really growing up, hard to believe he’s already nearing his third birthday!  But that’s another post for another day…

Happy fathers day S. Geek, you’re a wonderful father and husband and I am thankful for that every day.  I hope you felt spoiled on your day, Cake has already started planning your birthday party for you.  Hope you like blue as much as she thinks you do!!!



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  1. June 23, 2011 1:13 pm

    Love the picture of Cake and her Dad, she looks so happy with the day she planned. You may have a professional party planning growing up there!

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